Rethinking romance

Young relationships continue to get unhealthier 


Peyton Sims

In today’s age, young love is shared more behind a phone screen rather than a dinner table.

Story by Peyton Sims , editor in chief

The candle lit dinners. The endless bouquets of roses. The showering of kisses. All are likely expectations of your dream date but are rarely seen outside of a Hallmark movie. In today’s age, relationships have gradually begun to lose their meaning. 

Teenagers in the twenty-first century have adapted to relying on communication through technology. While texting is a major advancement and convenience, sometimes it can be easy to get trapped behind the screen. It’s less likely in today’s age that you’ll see two young lovers lost in each other’s presence on a date. Instead, each of the pair sits alone at home while they send texts back and forth for hours and call it a night.

Romance movies tend to remind us of how different — and maybe how much healthier — relationships were in the past. For instance, when we think of the stereotypical ‘50s couple, it’s likely we imagine them stopping for a milkshake after a local sock hop. They had limited distractions to separate them from one another. It’s likely the man would politely hold the door open for his date prior to them driving around before their curfew caught up to them. 

While this time period was obviously far from perfection when it came to discriminatory gender expectations, the manners are a definite exception. Despite if it’s a man or a woman, mutual respect should be an important factor in a long-term relationship. A majority of the time, people forget the importance of the little things like gifting your partner flowers “just because” or even simply reminding them how much they’re appreciated.

Many believe that going on consistent dates proves to decrease the amount of divorce and unhappy relationships. When you’re spontaneous with your partner when it comes to planning fun date ideas, it’s likely that both of you will remain entertained. Being in the presence of your partner allows for a more raw bonding experience compared to couples that overutilize technology. 

It doesn’t require a lot of cash, or even any at all, to go on a memorable date. In the end, hanging out with one another is priceless. The inside jokes, planning both of your futures, the deep coverations — all are things that can lead to the phenomenon of true love if they’re embraced. Some examples of unique and enjoyable dates are picnics, going on a day trip somewhere, cooking dinner together (you could even make it a cook-off to spice things up), painting together, plus many more exciting activities — get creative! 

Being in a relationship proves to have its benefits but only if it’s done correctly. If young love is what your heart desires, keep in mind the important factors that tie you and your partner together in the first place; I promise, it will pay off in the end.