Obscure organizations

A showcase of the lesser known clubs at Texas High


Photo by Allyson Smith

Story by Sara Havel, Staff Writer

Most schools have fun organizations for students like theater, chess and student council, but Texas High offers many more clubs that a lot of students don’t realize we have.

Distributive Education Clubs of America allows students to merge education and business. Members of this club learn skills in leadership, marketing and distribution. DECA is available to students who have taken any business class, such as entrepreneurship, marketing, accounting and BCIS. Students get to attend leadership conferences and enter into competitions like Maverick day, Stars Day and District Leadership training for the chance to advance to state using their marketing and leadership skills.

Dress For Less For Success
This club teaches students to save money on clothes by dressing professionally with a budget and not spending a lot of money on expensive clothes and outfits. Dress For Less For Success also offers opportunities to prepare students for job interviews and encourage proper attire in daily living.

Entrepreneur club
This club is perfect for teenagers who love to create new things like apps, products or even programs for our school. The entrepreneur club allows students to come together, be creative and be inventive.

Fashion Club
The fashion club gives all students a chance to express themselves through their clothes. Students can design their own outfits and styles while learning leadership, decision making, problem-solving and more. This club even hosts fashion shows to show off their students’ work to the school and community.

Graphic Arts
This club is a great opportunity for technology lovers. Graphic arts teaches students how to create and share different styles of art by using technology. The club is sponsored by Cindy Snell in Room 53.

The Tiger Times Newspaper
Students who love writing different kinds of stories, editing or sharing ideas will love this extracurricular. Members of the club share their stories on Tiger Times Online stories or in the printed newspaper. Interested students must apply at the end of the year.

The Tiger Yearbook
If you’re interested in typography, design, making new friends and more, then this organization is for you. Members work together to create an award-winning yearbook for their classmates and families to see and purchase every year. Much like newspaper, students must apply to join at the end of the year.

Rosebud Junior Garden Club
Rosebuds is an organization of students that helps around the school with project posters, teachers gifts, weekly flower arrangements for the office, plants for the school and community and Christmas gifts for underprivileged children. To be a part of Rosebuds you have to apply in 10th grade and maintain a grade average of 90. Rosebuds is a three-year program until senior graduation.