Solving world (relationship) hunger

What to do when she says she doesn’t know where to eat


Sophie Keller

photo illustration

Story by Reese Langdon, Editor in Chief

Us girls are notorious for never knowing what restaurant we want to eat at. We aren’t doing it to be difficult; we just do not know what we want. Those with a female significant other, if you find yourself in this situation, try out a couple of these tips before you find yourself with a hangry girlfriend. 

The first trick is to ask her where she thinks you are going to take her. If she replies with a restaurant in a monotone, unenthused voice, then she expects little of you and is hinting that you take her to this restaurant too often and doesn’t want to go there. On the other hand, if her guess is stated with eagerness and an upbeat attitude, then immediately put the car in drive and take her there. Crisis averted. 

Now if you are sitting here thinking, “Well my girlfriend would probably reply in the unhappy voice,” then step up your game and start thinking outside the box. 

So, if you are left all alone in figuring out where to go because the mind trick stated above did not work, then you need to take account of some factors: How much time do you two have? What is she wearing? What mood is she in? Where has she already eaten in the past 5-7 days?

We will cover the easiest thing first—eliminate anywhere she has eaten recently. See? That was easy.

Next, time and attire. If she has somewhere to be in 15 minutes, it doesn’t really matter what she is wearing. Just drive through Chick-Fil-A or Canes. Do not think too hard about it because she has somewhere to be quickly, so a decision needs to be made fast. You should know what fast food places you both like by now, so just go there. 

In the small chance that she requires a sit-down meal even though she barely has any time, I suggest Reggie’s or Mooyah; burgers and fries are easy things to grab and go if there is not much time. Of course, another option is to just sit down and eat in the fast food place.

Next case scenario, she has enough time to have a sit-down meal and is dressed cute enough to be shown off. She does not want to drive through somewhere right now. Think of what her favorite restaurants are that are a nice medium between McDonalds and some boujee steak place. If you are from the Texarkana area, I would recommend Ironwood. It has a little bit of everything, and you do not have to be in Sunday best for it. I would also recommend Joe’s if she wants Italian food, Loca Luna if she wants Mexican food, Julie’s Deli if she wants a light meal, Fuji’s if she wants Japanese food and Roadhouse or Dixie Dinner if she wants southern food. If none of these options appeal to her, then just start rambling options until you get lucky. Think about past places she has enjoyed. Don’t give up; you’ll eventually run across the dinner winner.

Now, for level three of taking your girl to get food. This should happen once or twice every couple of months. Hopefully, your girlfriend understands that we are just teens, so we do not have an unlimited amount of money to spend on dates; however, we greatly appreciate being taken out formally. Tell her in advance to look nice and reserve a night just for the two of you. The conversation of ‘where do you want to go eat’ should not even be happening in this scenario. You should pick her up and simply just take her to where y’all are going to eat. This shows you thought about it beforehand, and she will appreciate that. 

Lastly, observe how she is acting and think about what happened during her day. If you notice that she is in a bad mood, then now would not be a good time to offer to try a new restaurant. Think about what her comfort food is and offer to go there. She will be happy and full, so, therefore, you will be too. 

Hopefully, world (relationship) hunger has been solved. I hope that next time it is date night, everything will run smoothly now. Sorry guys that girls just sometimes do not know what we want to eat, but hopefully this article helps.