Cheer on

Sophomore debates whether or not cheer is a sport.


Braylen Garren

Senior Makenzie Loudermilk cheers after a touchdown is made in a close game. This marks the end of her senior season as a cheerleader.

Story by Haley Waddell, Staff Writer

Is cheer a sport? This is a very controversial topic. Many believe that cheer is not a sport, but I think it is. 

The definition of a sport is an activity involving physical strain or exercise and skill, in which individuals or teams compete against one another for entertainment. That is exactly what cheer does. 

Although football season is over for Texas High, the cheer season is far from over. We are working hard to perfect our routine as we prepare for competition this month.  

Aside from football and competition, the Texas High cheerleaders go to a number of games for all sports. We attend volleyball in the fall, basketball in the winter, soccer, baseball and softball in the spring. 

Many people don’t take into consideration the long hours that us cheerleaders put in to work on our stunts and tumbling. Back handsprings and tucks don’t come naturally. When putting a girl in the air, everyone has to work together and be in sync in order for the stunt to go up. 

If you go to the multi in the morning during first period, you will see us hard at work perfecting our cheers, routines and stunts. 

Many people don’t think that cheer is a sport because they don’t see the effort that we put into everything we do. They don’t see the time it takes for us to learn and perfect our cheers. They don’t see the amount of time that we put in to make ourselves better. 

As a cheerleader, I go to many games for many different sports. Cheerleaders put in just as much effort as any other athlete and do twice as much. In my opinion, cheer is definitely a sport.