New brand Kendra Scott sweeps Texarkana


Photo by Ashley Tyson

Senior Anne Grimes matches her outfit with her newest pair of “Kendra” earrings.

Most girls know of the trend. A simple block of color surrounded by a metal frame that dangles from your ear. It’s become the new fad, and girls can’t seem to get enough of it. Kendra Scott began as a small company in 2002 with only about $500 in Austin, TX. Since then, Kendra Scott has become a million dollar company and hasn’t stopped growing.

The trend began with the classic Danielle earring which is about $60. Girls in Texarkana began buying the earrings and then started to branch off into other earring shapes and styles. The necklaces have also become a common trend and add to your everyday look.

The question is how can you not love Kendra Scott? Despite the prices, they can dress up any outfit and essentially make a girl look better even on her worst day. Personally, Kendra Scott jewelry has taken over my life or better yet, my wallet. I constantly find myself online looking at the latest addition to the “New and Now” section. Their necklaces and rings are a cheaper way to adorn yourself with beautiful jewelry at a cheaper price; some of the prettiest necklaces are only $50.

However, Kendra Scott has begun to escalate in price. All of a sudden pieces are being sold at $325 and even $450. While the earrings that are priced this high are extraordinarily beautiful, they’re not very practical for the average American. For a lot of people, $60 for a pair of earrings is a lot, so $325 is just a bit over the top. Is Kendra trying to cater to a different audience? I would personally like more earrings that I can afford when I want to reward myself after a tough week of college essays and government tests.

Kendra Scott never ceases to please me though. Every outfit (minus leggings and a t­shirt) I own is upgraded with Kendra whether it be a necklace or earrings. Even though the prices have gone up on new styles, the classics are still their normal price, so go treat yourself to the new fad. Succumb to the trend.