Tropical treats

New smoothie cafe opens doors with a variety of flavors


Photo by Sara Vaughn

Senior Jessica Emerson enjoys a smoothie at Tropical Smoothie Cafe. The cafe held its grand opening on Aug. 14.

Story by Tyler Snell, print co-editor in chief

Add a little peanut butter. Some strawberries and bananas are thrown in. Add some protein, and ice and blend it together. What you get is a great tasting, fast and healthy smoothie.

With over 20 different smoothie flavors and numerous add in combinations, Tropical Smoothie Cafe has become a hotspot for smoothie fans. Located on Texas Boulevard, where Quiznos used to be, this restaurant recently opened its doors with options for whatever a person’s taste buds desire.

“It’s good for health nuts or anyone just looking for a good smoothie,” sophomore Will Norton said. “I’m definitely going back again, and I can see it being so popular. They had many different smoothie options based on nutrition and flavor.”

Smoothies can be made from predetermined flavors and combinations, or protein, probiotic and even ginger can be added to the smoothies. The wealth of combinations and novelty of the place are what is attracting more people that are in high school.

“I think that high schoolers like it so much because it’s the only smoothie place in town, and it’s a healthier alternative to ice cream or other places,” junior Marley Crawford said. “I like it because there are so many different flavors to choose from.”

Not only are there different flavors to choose from, but Tropical Smoothie Cafe offers healthier food choices with flatbreads, wraps and salads.

“Not only does it offer great smoothies, but I can get something quick to eat that is a healthier option to the many different fast food restaurants in Texarkana,” senior Tori Miller said. “Also, I don’t like bananas and nearly every smoothie I’ve had has bananas in them, but [Tropical Smoothie Cafe] had such a wide variety of flavors. It was a lot easier for me to find one I liked.”

The grand opening was Aug. 14, and smoothies were only 99 cents each. Students were sure to stop here after work or school activities and try a place in town with cheaper, healthier options.

“It was so packed at the grand opening, but they had quick service with a really great tasting smoothie,” sophomore Logan Snell said. “I think it will be a place for high schoolers to grab something to quick to eat and not affect their being healthy campaigns. Tropical Smoothie Cafe will definitely be around for a while which is good because so many people like it already.”