Staying ‘woke’

Find out how up to date you are in today’s news


Photo by Victoria Van


Story by Jhovany Perez, feature editor

In today’s world it is increasingly important to be aware of what is going on in society. Developments across the world are happening every day, and it is to a person’s advantage to be educated in global affairs. Take this quiz to see how caught up you are in national and international news.

What does ISIS stand for?

a.) Islamic State of Iraq and Syria ——- answer

b.) Islamic Service of Iraq and Sudan

c.) Israelian Standard of Independent Soldiers

d.) Institution of Sudan of Israeli and Syrians


What does DACA stand for?

a.) Democratic Association of Credible Adolescents

b.) Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals ——-

c.) Declarative Alienable Care of Adults

d.) Declarative of Animal Control Association


What country in the middle east recently allowed women to drive?

a.) Iraq

b.) Saudi Arabia—-

c.) Jordan

d.) Syria


What was the hurricane that hit Puerto Rico and caused the country’s blackout?

a.) Harvey

b.) José

c.) Irene

d.) Maria ——-


Which country in the western hemisphere has been impacted by an 8.1 magnitude earthquake this year?

a.) Canada

b.) U.S.

c.) Mexico ——-

d.) Guatemala


What football player stood for the national anthem while his team stayed in the locker room during the anthem? (September 24, 2017)

a.) Colin Kaepernick

b.) Tony Romo

c.) Alejandro Villanueva ——–

d.) Odell Beckham Jr.


What type of bomb did Kim Jong Un claim to possess and have tested?

a.) Atomic bomb

b.) Cobalt bomb

c.) Hydrogen bomb ——-

d.) Electromagnetic bomb


Who was the Las Vegas Gunman?

A.) Stephen Paddock ———

B.) Eric David

C.) Dylan Bennet

D.) Christopher Sean


The most recent shooting happened in what state?

A.) Connecticut

B.) Texas

C.) Maryland ——-

D.) Florida


Which territory belonging to Spain is trying to gain independence?

A.) Pedrosa

B.) Catalonia—–

C.) Villano

D.) Santa Clara