It’s morphin’ time!

Which Power Ranger is the best?


Photo by Oren Smith

The Power Rangers are a group of people, most often teenagers, who battle against evil while wearing color coded outfits. The Power Rangers have many tools, such as their own personal suit, which comes along with superhuman abilities, and Zord, a mechanical robot, to fight off this opposition. Despite operating as a team, however, it can be easy to pick favorites based off of what we see them do. Here are some of the Rangers and why they are picked to be the best.


Red Ranger by Grey Johnson

The Red Ranger is by far the best Ranger. Although there have been many Rangers over the years, Red Ranger always stands out as the greatest.

First and foremost, he is often the leader. Being the leader of a squad of teenagers that battles evil in suits that look like they’re made by Crayola is just about the most awesome thing a human being could do. Along with leading the group, the Red Ranger is at the front of almost every pose they do after something mind-blowingly awesome happens.

Even when the team comes together to make the Megazord, the Red Ranger was often at the helm of the mechanical beast. He would pilot, give directions and even be the one to summon the Power Sword when it was necessary.

The Red Ranger is also one of the most iconic Rangers. In the original television show, “Mighty Morphin Power Rangers,” Jason Lee Scott. Jason is considered the second most powerful Power Ranger of them all.

Despite the Red Ranger typically filling the role of the hot-headed member, he’s the leader that the Rangers need to battle evil. Red Ranger is the best Ranger.


White Ranger by Logan Diggs

The White Ranger drives a four wheeler everywhere while defeating monsters with a saber. Dude, considering Zordon had to literally make the White Ranger after the Mighty Morphin Rangers used up all the Zyuranger footage, shows that he was and is a crucial part of this team.

His Zord is a white tiger that smacks every enemy it comes eye to eye with. If this Ranger isn’t the full package, I don’t think I know what is.

The White Ranger is also a great team player which makes him important to the Rangers.The best teammate is the one that can get the job done correctly alone. But also still someone who is able to work with someone to finish it and that’s exactly who the White Ranger is. Yeah, the Red Ranger may be a good leader, and yeah maybe the Blue Ranger is pretty smart, but the White Ranger is a great mix of both.

All in all, I’d put my money on the White Ranger if it came down to it. He’s the Steph Curry of Power Rangers; he’s so reliable and none of the other rangers have proven to come through as hard as the White Ranger has in times of distress.


Blue Ranger by Zane Johnston

The Blue Ranger is definitely the best Power Ranger. Firstly, the Blue Ranger is commonly the smartest, coming up with clever strategies to defeat the Rangers’ monstrous enemies. What he may lack in combat ability, he makes up for with his high intelligence.

Secondly, the Blue Ranger often acts as a comedic relief for the show. While watching a group of high schoolers fight monsters in insanely brightly colored costumes is awesome, it would get pretty old if there was not a little humor every now and then. That’s where the Blue Ranger comes in, always saying or doing just the right thing to lighten the mood.

The Blue Ranger is always calm and collected, and despite never being in the spotlight, he always manages to steal the show. The Blue Ranger is the best Ranger.


Pink Ranger by Addison Cross

The Pink Ranger is the best because she has the best costume. Not only is her costume typically consisting of pink, black and white, but she also has always worn, except for once, a skirt.

The costume of a Power Ranger is obviously the most important part of a Ranger, so the fact that her’s is clearly the best says a lot about not only her impeccable fashion sense, but also her skill and leadership abilities. If the Pink Ranger ran for president, you bet I’d vote pink.


Yellow Ranger by Andrea Loredo

The Yellow Ranger is the best because of her skills. This ranger has some of the best martial arts skill that you get to see on the show.  At the beginning, she shows her Kung Fu skills, which included powerful kicks and very fast maneuvers.

Trini Kwan, the first Yellow Ranger, is known as a clam, polite and soft-spoken person, but when put in the field she is a butt-kicking-martial-arts girl. That being said, she also tends to avoid interaction with others because of how quite she is. This tends to come off in the wrong way and can sometimes be seen as signs as weakness, but people have it all wrong. Throughout the show she proves that she is very strong on her own nad is capable of taking care of herself.  

The fact that she is quiet and avoids interactions does not change the fact that she is the best Power Ranger. She is a strong, independent girl who does not need a man to help her fight her battles and is pretty capable of doing things on her own. She is a fighting machine that fights for what she believes in and is not afraid to show others. That is why she is the best Power Ranger.