Ka-shoot I got it wrong

Why Kahoot! is beneficial for all grade levels


Photo by Oren Smith

Sophomore Logan Diggs and other students play the classroom friendly game Kahoot! Diggs looked back after getting the answer wrong.

Story by Logan Diggs, staff writer

In most middle schools, Kahoot! is a great way to challenge students to do their best in hopes of being number one or the winner of the game in class. All throughout my freshman year, both my science and math classes used Kahoot to cover topics and complete units, thus improving my grades and learning capacity in a fun and competitive way.  

After playing the game, I’ve realized how much faster and efficiently it has helped me process information. Kahoot! bases how many points you receive off of whether or not you answered correctly, how fast you answered, and how many you answered right in a row.

Therefore, if you want to get first, not only do you have to be fast— you have to be correct. This helps you remember information so well that all you have to do is glimpse at the question, and you’ll know the answer.

The presence of competition is what makes this game enjoyable. Pushing students to be the best they can be by having them compete against one another in a simple game is an excellent way to help them remember content.

Whenever I use Kahoot! in class, I have so much fun competing against my friends and the people around me. I’m constantly thinking about getting first, second or third, but on the off chance that everything goes left, my main goal is to beat everyone within range on the basis of points.

However, as I have started off my sophomore year in preparation to become a junior, which many consider to be a student’s hardest year in high school, I’ve realized that my classes do not use the game at all. For example, I wish my Spanish 3 Pre-AP class would use Kahoot to cover content a day or two prior to our test because winning or losing the game is a great way to pick up on key points of information.

However, many teachers argue that Kahoot! is merely a pointless game that doesn’t help any more than a worksheet does. This is false mainly because there have been multiple times throughout my freshman year that I’ve aced a test solely because we reviewed using Kahoot.

I believe Kahoot! is a great way to improve students’ competitive spirits and help them think quickly under pressure. I also think that these are two key factors that play a part in growing up.

To put it simply, Kahoot! should be used by DC and AP classes until proven unworthy of use.