13 things you should do besides watch ’13 Reasons Why’

Show contains graphic, triggering content


Photo by Peyton Sims

Story by Addison Cross, editor in chief

“13 Reasons Why”, a critically acclaimed Netflix original series, has been working effortlessly over the past two and a half years to glorify suicide, sexual assault and teenage substance abuse. As the time comes for its third season to begin streaming, here is a quick list of 13 things you should do instead of watching it. 

1. Do your homework 

We’re all behind on school work, so take the time you had set aside to watch “13 Reasons Why” to catch up.

2. Take care of a plant

Every time you think about watching “13 Reasons Why”, make sure your plants don’t need water. If they do, nurture the plant, but don’t indulge in content that will do the opposite of nurture your mind. 

3. Watch satisfying videos

We all love oddly satisfying content, but we don’t all love watching graphic assaults on teenagers. Calligraphy, slime mixing and ASMR videos are peak satisfaction.

4. Make a friendship bracelet 

To really support those you love, make friendship bracelets instead of watching potentially triggering shows. 

5. Read up about the environment 

The earth is literally dying, so it’s important to be informed. Spending your energy reading about the earth’s issues will do a lot more to enrich you as a person than watching “13 Reasons Why” will.

6. Go candle shopping 

There aren’t many things more comforting than finding a smell you really like and surrounding yourself with it. So, make yourself comfortable with a candle, instead of uncomfortable with a show that depicts teenagers in inappropriate situations. 

7. Research colleges 

It’s something we’ve all been putting off, so keep the stress down by doing it ahead of time! Instead of watching a show that dwells on the horrors of high school, look forward to the future.

8. Learn a new instrument 

While binge watching shows can feel like an accomplishment, it’s not nearly as fulfilling as learning your favorite song on the guitar or piano. Don’t bring yourself down by watching horribly written, disgustingly graphic content, lift yourself up with the joy of music.

9. Organize your closet 

A far superior Netflix original series is Tidying Up with Marie Kondo, so you should take some of her skills in mind when cleaning your closet. A happy home is a happy mind. “13 Reasons Why” won’t bring you joy, so just throw it out. 

10. Take a stroll outside 

Become aware of the world around and take in how amazing it is. Don’t allow yourself to be bogged down by negative media that only focuses on the downsides of life. 

11. Brush up on your baking skills 

Cookies, brownies, cakes, whatever your heart desires. Producing a product you can eat is a great way to feel proud of yourself, and baking is a great way to get rid of anxiety.

12. Purge your camera roll 

Clutter exists in all areas of life. Instead of cluttering your mind with toxic television, take one small step towards decluttering your life by deleting old pictures you don’t need and make room for new fun memories!

13. Check up on a friend 

“13 Reasons Why” has brought a lot of attention to teen suicide, which is a real problem. However, the show also romanticizes teen suicide. Make sure those around you are okay, and if they aren’t, have a conversation about why and how you can help make it better.

Let’s face it, “13 Reasons Why” is a poorly written teen drama that capitalizes on depression, assault and real teenage problems. People making money off of things that real human beings go through should not be something we glorify. Next time you think about watching it, do something that will radiate positivity instead.