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Lead up to the release of “IT Chapter Two”


Kaitlyn Rogers

Graphic Illustration

Story by Logan Diggs, news editor

Most people have phobias ranging from big, hairy spiders that seem like they crawl faster than the speed of light to feeling like they’re in a dark raging sea when in a pool. A very common phobia is the fear of clowns. However, it isn’t strange to be creeped out by an extremely kid friendly entertainer that has overly large shoes, a ghost face, wig, and a candy red apple for a nose. 

Stephen King’s classic, “IT”, tells the story of a group of kids that band together to defeat a murderous, killer clown. In the first “IT” movie, the clown alters into every fear a person might have. “IT Chapter Two” will be about how the childhood friend group realizes they have not finished the job. Making a blood pack as children, they return back to Derry, Maine to attempt to kill the clown. 

“Whenever I was smaller, clowns always made me feel very uncomfortable. To this day clowns do still creep me out, but I wish a clown would try me at this point,” junior John Cass said.  “However, when I first saw ‘IT’, my fear of clowns was reborn.”

Although the movie is very graphic and infested with jump scares, it tells a great story that so far has shown success through teamwork. Just like many other Stephen King novels, he portrays his personal emotions in his writing. 

“I streamed this movie on my phone because all my friends were talking about it and I wanted to see what all the hype was about. I’ve personally never been scared of clowns, but after I watched the first movie, I slept with my light on that night,” junior Evan Crawford said. “ Whenever I finished the entire movie, I thought it was cool how instead of the kids running in opposite directions for their dear life, they worked together.”

With “IT Chapter Two” turning heads, people already have their tickets for the premiere on September 6. In a movie like this, nothing is predictable. Where will you be when the movie is released, avoiding a good scare or on the edge of you seat in fear?

“Honestly, I don’t know what to expect from this movie all I know is that my girl, Beverly Marsh, better live,” junior Tristan Phillips said. “I’m extremely excited to see how it pans out because I have a few theories.”