Saving bucks on spring break

Make this the best — and cheapest — spring break yet


Photo by Peyton Sims

Photo Illustration by Peyton Sims

Story by Bailey Hawkins, staff writer

Spring break is all about having fun and you don’t need a lot of money to do so. From spending time in the great outdoors to having a night inside with a couple of friends, there are many budget-friendly ways to spend your week.

  1. Go on a road trip

Flying is cool, but there is so much more to see with no clouds in the way. Now is the time to gather your besties and make a road trip playlist. Take a two or three day trip to a bigger city full of amazing things to see, like Dallas or Little Rock, or just follow the roads wherever they lead you and make an adventure out of the first town you stop in. 

  1. Explore a local park

Let’s be honest, when was the last time you put your phone away and took a couple hours out of your day to enjoy the outdoors? When was the last time you sat down and took an in-depth look at the world around you? Pack a picnic, bring a good book and enjoy a day at your local park. You might even bring some vegetable trimmings and rolled oats for the ducks. 

  1. Throw a slumber party

There’s no better way to spend your break than with your best friends! Have a sleepover, do face masks and mani-pedis, take a late night trip to Whataburger or drive aimlessly around town. As long as you’re with people who make you happy, even the most simple activities can be a load of fun. 

  1. Read a book

Take some time away from your phones and computers to enjoy the most primitive form of entertainment, books! Sitting on your couch in the early morning hours, reading a book and enjoying a coffee is arguably the best way to start your day. “The Glass Hotel” by Emily St. John Mandel and “My Dark Vanessa” by Kate Elizabeth Russell are the newest and most popular books on the shelves.

  1. Lend a helping hand

Spring break doesn’t always have to be about you, it is also important to help those around you. Most people feel accomplished after they have done a good deed. Organizing your closet and donating all clothes and shoes that you no longer wear, helping serve meals at your local food pantry and spending the day cleaning up the park are all good ways to achieve that feeling of empathy and humbleness. 

  1. Go indoor rock climbing

There’s no good reason not to go rock climbing. It gives you a full body workout and a refreshing mental challenge. Rock climbing works almost every muscle system in your body, from the muscles in your fingers to the muscles in your feet and toes. Some amazing indoor gyms include Risen Rock Climbing Gym and G-Rock Climbing in Shreveport. 

  1. Take a hike

East Texas offers many opportunities to get out and explore nature and the animals that inhabit it. Tyler State Park, Caddo Lake State Park and Bringle Lake Park each offer over 8 miles of beautiful hiking trails. Arkansas also has its fair share of hiking trails including Petit Jean State Park, the Ozark National Forest and the Spadra Creek Nature Trails.

  1. Clean out your room

Take the time out of your free week to tidy up your room and redecorate. No one wants to spend their time cleaning, but 30 minutes of decluttering your space can have a positive effect on the rest of your week. Having a clean bedroom helps to relieve stress and contributes to better sleep and overall happiness. 

  1. Try a new restaurant

Don’t stop at just exploring new places. How about exploring new foods? Experiencing new foods allows a look into other cultures. Trying new foods also opens doors to more dining options and an improved palette. Some ethnic cuisine in Texarkana includes Taste of India on St. Michael Dr. and Pho Yo Soul Kitchen on East 9th St. 

  1. Go museum hopping

Museums are relatively cheap and offer insight into past cultures and history. Museums also cover many different subjects and areas of history. The Dallas Perot Museum is famous for its amazing science exhibits, and the Museum of Regional History in downtown Texarkana houses jewelry, library archives and pictures dating back to WWII and the Civil Rights Movement.

  1. Take your grandparents out to lunch

If your grandparents live nearby, ask them if they would like to go out on a lunch date! People have the tendency to never spend enough time with their relatives. It is always great catching up with them and sharing old memories while making new ones.

  1. Start a skin-care routine

Time for a little self-improvement. Everyone wants flawless and healthy skin but the task of finding the perfect products can be very stressful. Take an hour or so to research your skin type, skin goals and products within your budget. See what works for you and get ready to return back to school with a glowing complexion. 

Spring break doesn’t have to be full of traveling across the country or draining out your wallet.You have plenty of Spring Break options; make the most of these next eight days. And no matter what you do, I hope you have the best time doing it.