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Bobby Schmurda released from prison, fans hyped

Story by Logan Diggs, managing editor

Ackquille Jean Pollard (better known as Bobby Shmurda) was born in Miami, FL on August 4, 1994. Bobby’s path to stardom was a very fast and unexpected one, considering that one of his first songs blew up on Vine and had an entire generation “Shmurda dancing.” Bobby’s future seemed bright until he was arrested for gang activity a few weeks after signing to a record label. Fast forward six years, Bobby has recently been released from prison and has basically broken the internet. 

Fans from all across the world have waited patiently for Bobby’s release which goes to show how widely loved and appreciated his work is. Upon his release, he was greeted with the gold and platinum plaques he achieved while imprisoned. 

“Bobby Schmurda’s release has been a big deal for most people I know because [my friends and I] listen to his music,” senior John David Cass said. “He has been in jail since I started middle school. I’m glad he’s free now and that we can hear some new music.”

Furthermore, Bobby’s image was key to how he was able to stay so relevant during his time in jail.

“I perceive him as a legend, in the music industry and on the internet. His release makes me excited to see how he will return to the rap scene after serving so long,” junior Ethan Power said. “I honestly don’t know how his music survived this long keeping his name alive and hyped up.”

Another very important part of how Bobby’s name has held so much interest through the years is through extremely loyal fans that relate to Bobby in some way. 

“Bobby is my idol. I’ve been Schmurda dancing since I was in 7th grade. I can relate to his music so much and vibe to it in so many different ways,” senior Lucas Smith said.  “Every year, I reminded my friends that Bobby is one year closer to being free. Since he’s been released, I have been so ready to hear some new fire from him.”