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An informal chat with Mr. Bailey

Story by Tara Clem & Clayton Maddox

Since Brad Bailey has been appointed principal for the coming school year, newspaper editors Carlye Hudspeth and Emily Hoover decided to sit down with him for an informal Q&A.

Carlye: Not all of these are serious. Actually, most of them aren’t. But I guess we can start off with some easy ones… What are you most excited about in the coming year?

Bailey: I’m excited about new opportunity and what lies ahead for our students that are coming in as freshman and [for] each student that’s advancing to a new grade level. The challenges that lie ahead and the opportunities that they have for new classes; getting acquainted with new teachers and new directions that they want to go. I’m just excited about the new year and what it holds for us.

Carlye: Good answer (laugh). What changes, if any are you planning?

Bailey: We’re not going to make any major changes or anything. All of the policies and procedures that we have will remain in place. We’re just going to continue to improve across the board–making sure we provide more more opportunities for our students. Trying to find the interests that they have and provide the classes for them, for their needs. No major changes will be made that we foresee.

Carlye: Okay.. ummm.. In what ways does this position differ from your position last year?

Bailey: Well, *slight pause* (that’s a good question). Uh… The difference would be, I guess, that now, the responsibilities that I have are for the whole campus, managing everyone and overseeing everything from all phases of all the departments, as far as curriculum, through student management, through personnel. It’s going to be everything instead of a select area that I was [in charge of] in the past. More responsibility to make sure that our students are getting what they need educationally and that we’re preparing everyone to meet those needs in the future.

Carlye: All right. Well, these next few questions aren’t quite as serious. But anyway, what do you do in your free time? Play any sports, music, other activities?

Bailey: Well, I like to travel. I like to attend the University of Arkansas football games… I like to play golf, when I can, when it’s not too hot. I like to beat Mr. Norton in golf (actually, I don’t beat Mr. Norton in golf… he beats me). That’s pretty much it, I guess.

Carlye: What is your favorite type of food?

Bailey: Mexican food. Mexican and seafood.

Carlye: Oh, those are my favorite, too. Ummm.. if you were an animal, which would you be and why?

Bailey: Oh my gosh.

(Bailey, Carlye, and Emily laugh)

Emily: We were like ‘What’s the hardest question we can possibly ask him?’

Bailey: Well, I guess I’ll be a tiger. (So cliche, isn’t it?) I’m going to be a tiger because they’re fierce. They’re orange and black and white… and… uhhh… they’re aggressive (I don’t know). This is a pretty hard one! I had to say tiger because we’re the Tigers! I was going to say that they stalk their prey, but that’s not a very good thing to say.
(group laughs)

Carlye: What did you do in high school?

Bailey: I played football and baseball in school. I went on and got an athletic scholarship and played football in college.

Carlye: Cool.

Bailey: Yeah. I played at the University of Arkansas at Monticello.

Carlye: Ummm… What’s your favorite flavor of jello?

Bailey: I don’t eat jello, but as a kid, I probably would’ve said whatever’s red.

Emily: Cherry or strawberry?

Bailey: Cherry or strawberry. One of the two. Either one would be fine. Actually, I don’t really like cherry. Probably strawberry…

Carlye: Do you have any pets?

Bailey: I actually do. I got a rescue dog about two months ago. (What kind of dog is he?) He is a Yorkie Terrier, at least that is what they said at the rescue place. His name is Bodee.

Emily: Can you spell that?

Bailey: B-O-D-E-E. Like the skier. And I’ve got a cat. Well, my wife has a cat. Notice how I said ‘my wife’. Looks like the cat in Shrek, but it’s grey.

(Bailey laughs)

Emily: What’s his or her name?

Bailey: Her name is Betsy. And that’s all we have…

Carlye: How long have you been working for Texas High?

Bailey: I’m starting my fifth year, so four years total. I’ve had 19 years in education, and I’m starting my 20th year.

Carlye: Oh, wow.

Bailey: Yeah. I’ve been doing it for a really long time.

Carlye: What, in your opinion, makes Texas High the best school in the district and why should kids and parents be glad that they belong to the Tiger family?

Bailey: Texas High is not only the best high school in the area, but I believe in the state. We have a caring staff and great students that work with each other, they care about each other. We have academic programs that will top anybody in this area. We have so many opportunities for our students from extracurricular, band, CTE programs, cosmetology, culinary arts, aircraft mechanics, nursing programs, and much more. We offer so many things for our students that a lot of schools are not able to, especially with the growth of our STEM academy that will be K-12 after next year. I believe our strong academic programs and caring staff play a major part. Everybody works together as a team, and that we actually care about we’re doing, actually care about our kids. I think that makes us stand out.

Emily: Is that about it, Carlye?

Carlye: I think so! I think we’re finished.

Emily: Is there anything the campus desperately needs to know about you?

Bailey: I’m available. If there’s any questions or concerns or issues, or anything positive or negative, I’m here to listen to them and do what I can. I have an open door. That goes for students, anyone. I’m here to help. Anything we can do to help this campus continue growing and moving forward. Any aspect. Anything else you need or I can help you with?

Carlye: Sounds good.

Emily: Thank you so much.

Bailey: Not a problem!

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An informal chat with Mr. Bailey