Pageant game on pointe

Gore crowned as Miss THS


Photo by Savannah Pritchard

Principal Brad Bailey crowns senior Lindsey Gore at Miss THS.

Story by Brianna O'Shaughnessy, staff reporter

Silver and pink decorate the Dreamgirls themed stage for the 35th annual Miss THS pageant. Seventeen girls were narrowed down to the top five consisting of Morgan Dunn, Lindsey Gore, Keyarra Harfield, Ashton Latham and Aimee Tran.

Seniors Lindsey Gore and Aimee Tran stood side-by-side as the top two contestants. Linsey Gore’s name rang out as Miss Texas High.

“I was in complete shock because all the girls were magnificent,” Gore said. “The top five was just so close.”

Along with the title of Miss THS, Gore won a $400 scholarship donated by TISD and the Tiger Theater Company among with numerous other gifts.

“I’m extremely honored to represent Texas High especially because I am a senior and I’m about to leave,” Gore said. “So, I want to represent everyone here.”

Her newfound title also came with more respect for the pageant.

“I learned it takes a lot more practice to make a pageant,” Gore said. “I have more respect for them now.”

Although her talent was ballet, that was not the event that she found nerve wracking.

“Interview was the hardest for me because you can’t practice for the interview,” Gore said.

As for the pageant as whole was like Gore’s last hurrah.

“I entered the pageant so I could have another senior moment,” Gore said.

Other awards included: Frank Poff Interview Award – Ashton Latham; Maggie Minter Talent Award – Lindsey Gore; Jeanie Copeland Miss Congeniality Award – Ashton Latham; Fourth Runner-up – Keyerra Harfield; Third Runner-up – Morgan Dunn; Second Runner-up – Ashton Latham; and First Runner-up – Aimee Tran.