It’s a fiesta

Multicultural Club sells ethnic food during lunch to increase cultural awareness


Members of Multicultural Club sell food during lunch. Funds go towards a trip for the club.

Story by Jhovany Perez, staff writer

Student after student line up to try food they have never seen before in their lives.

“What is this?”

“What’s it called?”

Students walk away with the satisfaction of trying new foods they never thought they would like.

The Multicultural Club sold Mexican treats and drinks during the lunch periods, opening up a window for students to see a different culture. Common treats like chicharon and lime juice with chili powder were offered. All the funds collected went towards a trip the club is taking to San Antonio for the Cinco De Mayo celebration.

“I feel ecstatic because we get to show a glimpse into Mexican culture for the school,” said senior Santos Ontiveros. “I also think it’s fun selling the food I grew up buying.”

Many students got out of their comfort zone and tried the new treats offered by the club members.

“I like the food they’re selling, and it’s fun trying new food,” senior Alex Smith said. “I feel like it allows me to see into their culture and see the differences in what we eat.”

Multicultural Club hasn’t been around for long. The funder and founder of the club, junior Jessica Martinez, wanted to create a club in which no one felt out of place and could get rid of the minority feeling usually attached with her race.

“I funded the club and wanted to create it in order to include the Hispanic community into a club,” Martinez said. “Most Hispanics in the school aren’t involved in any clubs, and I wanted to make one to help them feel like a part of the school.”