College Night held on Nov. 13


Photo by Racheal Sizemore

Sophomore Chloe Paige talks to Stephen F. Austin State University college recruiter. This event was open to all high school students.

Story by Cameron Murry, staff writer

Texas High held its annual College Night on Nov. 13. The College Night was hosted by academic advisors Bettie Lynn Stark and Laura Fuller from the career and college readiness center at Texas High.

Recruiters from a wide variety of colleges came to represent their schools and inform students about the benefits of post-secondary education. At this event, students are able to gain insight on various universities from near and far.

“It’s a great opportunity to see a bunch of different colleges in one location,” Fuller said. “Talk to the recruiters, meet them face to face. It’s a great chance to answer questions.”

The information students discover at college night benefits them in their decisions on where to go and what to do after graduation.

“I like to come here because I get to see all the options colleges offer,” junior Griffin Johnson said. “I’ve seen universities with plenty of things I’ve never heard of before. They offer some things that I may like or I may want to go into.”

Along with expanding the options for students, some gain a more concrete idea of where they would like to go.

“It’s helpful because you have to narrow it down at some point,” junior Grant Rommel said. “[Attending] is beneficial because you’re starting to think of where you want to spend the next four years of your life.”

The wide variety of information at College Night is beneficial to students and parents alike.

“There are so many colleges here,” sophomore Allie Graves said. “Everyone has their own interests, and I think that every college here can meet an interest of every student.”

Gaining knowledge about different options after high school is always beneficial to students, which makes the annual Texas High College Night an important event for everyone.