Racing for the money


Photo by Grace McGuire

Senior Jonathan Green warms up for the annual Dash 4 Cash, while a participating child follows behind.

Story by Anna Grace Jones, staff writer

A morning spent running and cheering is one that will have a lasting impact long after shin splints depart and once-sore voices return. Weeks of preparation for an event that lasted only a few hours will be well worth it upon seeing the faces of the graduates who will receive an award that carries a meaning more than the amount on their check.

The annual Dash 4 Cash Scholarship Run took place on Nov. 4 at Texas High’s track. The Tiger community gathered to raise money for scholarships that will be granted to members of the class of 2018 in the spring.

“I thought it was a huge success. We had a great turn out with all of our students, parents, and the community,” principal Brad Bailey said. “Events like this bring the school and the community together.”

In contrast to previous years, there were not vendor booths present at the run. The decision was made in order to aim the event towards participation rather than promotion.

“Lots of the students were able to run this year which they were not able to do in the past due to the volunteerism with vendor booths,” race chairman Darrah McGuire said. “Everyone has given positive feedback and really enjoyed being able to participate in the race.”

The occasion raised about $22,000 for the class of 2018. The scholarships granted will assist students in furthering their educations after graduation.

“I think that raising the funds helps a lot of people,” student co-chair Maddie Gerrald said. “It’s really great to see everyone come out to run and earn money for our senior class because it makes us all feel super supported.”

This event promotes community and organization involvement. Those in attendance created an atmosphere that demonstrated the positive means behind the occasion.

“I really enjoyed the race,” sophomore Jayla Bayonne said. It was a great experience being able to get out and run and to see others run, as well,” sophomore Jayla Bayonne said. “It brought the community together to raise money for the seniors, and they deserve the scholarships.

With every year, the Dash for Cash has developed and advanced. It has exceeded all expectations throughout its term and cannot be foreseen to falter and time soon.

“It has really been a big success thanks to our community sponsors,” McGuire said. “I think especially now that it is going to continue to grow and get better every year.”