Networking careers through high school programs

Teacher presented award for curriculum of twenty years


Photo by Alexis Runnels

Internet Networking technologies teacher, Deborah Mills, was awarded recognition for teaching the Cisco curriculum for twenty years. Her class focuses on teaching students how the internet functions, and how networks respond to activities.

Story by Langley Leverett, editor in chief

Teacher Deborah Mills received an award from the Cisco Networking Academy for recognition of her teaching the program for twenty years. Cisco is the largest global networking company in the world, and is committed to increasing the access and the innovation of technology everywhere.

By enrolling in the Internet Working Technologies class, students can graduate high school with a certificate recognizing that they have completed a certain amount of requirements. They can take this certificate and carry it onward to a range of I.T. jobs, and can get a head start in their career later on in life.

“We would like to thank your academy for the dedication and contributions that help make Cisco Networking Academy the premier global education program for developing global problem solvers,” the Cisco Networking Academy Team said.

Students learn valuable information that focuses on networking through taking this class.

“[Cisco] is an online curriculum and it’s from the company that creates the certification exams, and it is used throughout the world,” teacher Deborah Mills said. “It helps them learn what they need to know to get those certifications, starting with the first one, which is the CCENT. [They learn] how to use the networking devices like routers, switches and hubs, and setting up computer networks.”