Giving back

TAFE collects hygiene items for students in need


Submitted photo

Story by Logan Diggs, news editor

Teachers Association of Future Educators (TAFE) is one of the newest Career and Technical Student Organizations (CTSO) recognized by the Texas Education Agency. The club has recently decided to give back to their community. By collecting a large variety of hygiene items, they plan on providing for students in any kind of need for them. 

“Litzi Mendoza-Rodriguez, club president, came to me with an idea for a social project that would benefit students here on campus,” club sponsor Lana Moore said. “We worked on it together and decided that the club would bring items to be used in the new Tiger Pantry. Overall, the club collected over 1,370 items for the Tiger Pantry that all students have access to.” 

TAFE’s main goal through this exercise is not only to help students who aren’t able to acquire these items or some who are just in urgent need of them, but to also build character in their club members. By participating in this, students are given a bit of insight on how some people have big problems they don’t even know about. 

“It was important for the club to do a service project centered on school and I think it turned out great. Now we have moved on to our annual fundraiser selling gourmet popcorn to fund our trip at the end of the year,” Mrs. Moore said. “So if you see someone walking around with a Walmart bag full of popcorn, don’t hesitate to ask if they’re for sale. Bags are $2 each.”