Kicking off the spring

Ending the season, the way right way this time.

Senior Malley Wallace smiles proudly during the finale of the Texas High Stepper Spring Show. Spring Show was held in the PAC April 24 and 25, 2021.

Story by Melissa Singleton, guest writer

The Sullivan Performing Arts Center at Texas High has been filled with hard-working girls all week preparing for a show. The HighSteppers have been working on their Spring Show this week.

Freshman Kennedi McHenry and Senior Morgan Willliams, spoke about their favorite parts of the show and what this year was like for them.  

“Being a freshman is honestly so fun,” McHenry said. “We’re the babies of the team.”

Freshman year is a very different perspective than senior year.

Performing as a senior is very sad,” Williams said. “I am going to miss being on this team so much. when I dance I get sad that this was my last spring show to ever be in. It was such a fun time and it’s just probably one of my most favorite things that the drill team does. I try to soak up every last minute that I have left as a Texas HighStepper and with my senior year team. It has opened my eyes a lot and has shown me to live in the moment and to not take anything for granted because time really does go by fast when you are having so much fun.”

COVID-19 effected last year by postponing it, but this year it still has an effect on the show making it different from a true Spring Show experience.  

“Something that is different from pre-COVID shows is that we have limited capacity,” Williams said. “It is sad because there aren’t as many people in the audience and not all of our friends can come like normal. I am still so very thankful that Mrs. Reynolds has given us the opportunity to still have a show. I still have my family there watching, so it means just as much to me.”

Although things are different every team member still has their favorite part of the show. 

“My favorite part about Spring Show is getting to be with all of my best friends in HighSteppers and dance together,” McHenry said. 

The team’s hard work is something to admire and it is William’s favorite part.

“My favorite part about Spring Show is getting to show everyone our hard work that we have put in all year,” Williams said. “It feels really good when we finally get to have people watch what all we have done.”