Is the dual credit associates degree path worth it?

Students talk about their personal experiences with the program

Story by Melissa Singleton, Staff Writer

College is something every student thinks about at least once in their four years of high school. It can become very stressful to think about. Juggling high school and college classes at the same time.

Many students here do just that. Our school gives the opportunity for students to complete the curriculum to receive their associate’s degree by graduation through dual credit. Many people don’t even attempt it because they believe they won’t benefit from it or it’s too much work. I asked students who have either completed the path or are nearing the end of it if it’s really

“I was in almost all dual credit classes and I also took summer classes through TC,” graduate Peyton Sims said. “I believe that it was 100% worth it.”

It’s also a concern whether the credits will transfer when you graduate. You have to have a plan and be thinking ahead during this process.

“I think it’ll benefit me with my career path,” senior Kalea Edmonds said. “I want to be a realtor, so I’ll be able to get a job out of high school while I’m in school to become a real estate agent.”

When you enroll to be eligible for the classes, you’ll see a difference in price. Taking the classes in college costs more than if you dual enroll in high school. Students save money with less college after graduation.

“I’m now not only saving thousands of dollars from taking core classes at UT,” Sims said. “I can now focus on my journalism major and have time to be involved with on-campus organizations like The Daily Texan and ORANGE Magazine without there being a science or math class weighing me down.”

Being ahead by a whole degree is also a huge advantage. You get to pursue your dreams faster while others are taking the basic curriculum. You have more freedom to interact in the real world right after graduation

“I’m on track to graduate in 2023,” Sims said. “Which means by 2025, when most people my age are obtaining their bachelor’s degrees, I can graduate with my masters in journalism.”