Solo and ensemble

Tiger Band takes on State


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Members of the Tiger Band celebrate moving on at State. They competed in both the solo and ensemble portions of the competition.

Story by Lourdes Quijas, Staff Writer

As the percussion ensemble is playing, other band kids stop and listen. Many spectators listen, dance and give multiple compliments on the ensemble piece. The percussion ensemble walks out of the room and sees everyone standing there, clapping and cheering them on.

Solo and Ensemble was held at New Boston High School on Feb. 24, 2023. There are ten soloists, five ensembles and eight people for both solo and ensemble, proceeding to State.

“I’ve been working on my solo for about five months now, and I’ve progressed very well,” junior Ryan Walker said. “I’m in an ensemble and we practice during our percussion ensemble class, and sometimes I practice at home.” 

Most of the band members have been practicing their pieces for months, some have been working on it for weeks. In the end, the musicians give their best and hope for the best.

“I’m most excited to see how the judge will react because I put [my solo] together in such a short amount of time,” senior CJ Jordan said. “I’m going to try my best to make it seem like I’ve worked on it for years.” 

Many of the Tiger Band members got ones and are state bound. Head band director Arnie Lawson is very proud of his students for reaching their goal.

Seeing these kids setting such high goals and achieving them is incredible and makes all of the years of persistence pay off,” Lawson said.