Seahawks predicted to win Super Bowl XLIX

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Every year this Sunday is reserved as an even more sacred Sunday because of one game, the Super Bowl. Families and friends gather around to watch the most watched game on Television. This matchup pits two NFL teams against each other to decide the ultimate victor and all eyes are focused on what the outcome is.

Some students go to parties while others host. Freshman Logan Snell’s family has thrown a party for the past two years with an interesting twist to it. People at the party play Lottery Bingo.

“It is where you have to get a Bingo by marking off stuff that happens during the game, like a car commercial,” Snell said. “After you get a Bingo, you get a scratch off to try to win some money.”

This game is a fun way for viewers to stay attuned to the game while enjoying the company of friends in a competition win Bingo.

“It makes you pay more attention to the game and not just care about the score or the commercials,” Snell said. “So you have to be lucky to get a Bingo and then lucky to win the scratch off.”

The way that the game is regulated is by having an official Bingo checker. This person is Snell’s dad who also keeps tabs on the game in order to keep people from cheating.

“He controls the game so that people actually get a Bingo,” Snell said. “It is fun because it is something to do during the game besides just watching it.”

Some people on the other hand prefer not to watch the Super Bowl at all because of the consequences that come with the game.

“I hate the Super Bowl because it ruins friendships,” sophomore Katie Dusek said. “People get so worked up over if their team wins that they don’t even have fun. I’ve seen tears shed.”

Instead of watching the big game, Dusek enjoys a quiet evening with herself, movies and choice of her favorite food.

“I watch romantic comedies instead,” Dusek said. “They have a happy ending and then millions of people aren’t devastated afterwards.”

This year the Super Bowl features the New England Patriots and the Seattle Seahawks. The game is a showdown between dynasty Patriots with Tom Brady and Bill Belichick and the reigning champions Seahawks defense and quarterback Russell Wilson.

The Seahawks had a rougher road to get to where they are at after battling the Green Bay Packers into overtime in the Conference Championship while the Patriots breezed past the Indianapolis Colts in a 45-7 routing.

The Patriots are currently favored by two points because of this victory but the Seahawks’ fast paced offense and mobile quarterback will prove to be too much for the Patriots defense. The Seahawks will have some trouble stopping the powerful duo of Brady and Rob Gronkowski.

Neither team will give up big plays on defense but the Seahawks will become the first back to back Super Bowl champions since the Patriots did it in Super Bowl 38 and 39 in 2004 and 2005.

Final Score: Seahawks 24, Patriots 20