Head swim coach leaves Tigersharks


Coach Carl Auel demonstrates freestyle for the team. Auel announced his resignation on Aug. 21. File Photo

Story by Kristin McCasland, online co-editor in chief

Twelve swim seasons have come and gone at Texas High School for veteran swim coach Carl Auel. Throughout his career, Auel has led the Tigersharks to win many district and regional titles as well as producing multiple state champion swimmers. However, his time with the Tigersharks has come to an end. On Friday, Aug. 21, Auel announced to the team that he has accepted a coaching job in Little Rock, Arkansas.

“The job is located close to my parents,” Auel said. “Sometimes when your parents get older, you need to be in a position where you can help. My wife’s father is 84 years old and he’s been needing more assistance in the last couple of months.”

Auel believes that the new opportunity is a blessing from God.

“[Everything about the job] was a good fit,” Auel said. “I believe that there are times and places where God opens doors and you have to walk through them in faith. As we went out and looked and interviewed, all of our questions were answered.”

Auel will be the head coach of the Arkansas Dolphin-Laser Swim Team. The Dolphin-Lasers have had swimmers compete in various high-level meets including Junior Nationals. The team has also won multiple state championship titles for both long-course and short-course swimming.

“There’s about 350 people on the team and they have a coaching staff of about seven or eight coaches,” Auel said. “They swim at three different pools. It’s a club team, so it’s a little bit different than high school swimming.”

With swim season approaching quickly, Auel has confidence that the Tigersharks will be well prepared to compete.

“A lot of people have worked really hard,” Auel said. “I’ve seen a lot of improvement from freshmen and sophomores that are going to be in positions where they have to swim fast. I’m really excited about what I’m seeing on both [the girls’ and boys’] sides.”

Despite the fact that finding a replacement swim coach will be a difficult process, Auel believes athletic director Barry Norton will find someone capable of doing the job.

“It’s a tough time of the year. Most of the people have moved that are going to move, but if there’s one thing that I can say about Coach Norton is that he’s a very good salesman,” Auel said. “He recruited and convinced me to come here 12 years ago and he’s very convincing. If anybody’s able to go out and get somebody, it’s him.”

Until a new head coach is hired, dive coach Eric Vogan and assistant swim coach Jennifer Radomski will be leading practices for the Tigersharks.

“Coach Radomski and Coach Vogan will come up with a plan,” Auel said. “[They’re] good coaches who know the routine and have been around for a long time, so I know things are in good hands.”