Lobos triumph over Tigers

Tigers lose 35-14 to Longview Lobos


Madeline Parish

Receiver Jaylen Rhone attempts to outrun the Lobo defense.

Story by Alex Heo and Jay Williamson

The Tigers fell to the Lobos on Oct. 16 with a score of 35-14. This was the first district loss of the season for the Tigers and the eleventh straight year that the Tigers were defeated by the Lobos.

“It was a good game. That was a good competitive team,” Lobos running back D’Crayvan Polk said. “They just got to keep their heads up. That was a great team.”

Mistakes were made early on in the game. The first comes when Lobos quarterback Michael Ross fumbles at their own 46 yard line. Texas High defensive back Jon Swift recovered the fumble.

The Tigers got deep into the Lobo territory when quarterback Cade Pearson passed to wide receiver Jaylen Rhone for 23 yards, bringing the Tigers within 14 yards short of the end zone. However, the Lobos forced Tigers running back J’kardi Witcher to fumble at the Lobos’ one yard line.

The Lobos then made huge gains down the field. Wide receiver Austin Moore caught a 39 yard pass to bring the Lobos to their own 43 yard line. A face mask penalty on defensive end Jacobi Brewer then brought the Lobos to Texas High’s 30 yard line. With four minutes left into the first quarter, Lobos tight end Jordan Wyatt caught a 6 yard pass from Ross to get the Lobos the first touchdown of the night. The Lobos led 7 to 0.

“We could have come out more aggressive in the first half.” defensive end Jacorien Larry said.

The Tigers recovered the ball at their own 30 yard line and marched their way down the field. However, Pearson turned the ball over when Lobos defensive back Amerson Dean caught an interception at the Tigers 25 yard line. The Lobos concluded the first half at the Tigers’ 46 yard line.

Within one minute from the start of the second quarter, Polk bursted towards the left side of the field for a 42-yard touchdown. This extended the Lobos’ lead to 14-0.

The Tigers took their time advancing down the field. However, a pass intended to wide receiver Tevailance Hunt on a 4th and 5 was dropped, causing the Tigers to turn the ball over on downs on the Lobos’ 38.

“On the offensive side, we didn’t keep the momentum going,” junior receiver Quan Hampton said. “I felt like we prepared for it, but we didn’t come out and show it. We just got to push it through the whole game. We can’t just come out and stop working.”

The Lobos then converted four plays in a little under two minutes for another touchdown. Their drive was capped off when Polk punched the ball in 10 yards into the end zone. With five minutes remaining in the first half, the Tigers were put in a bigger hole, 21-0.

The Tigers and Lobos traded punts to end the first half with a Lobos lead of 21-0.

Witcher opened the second half with a 39 yard kickoff return, putting the Tigers on their own 42. Despite gaining a solid start, they were unable to convert and elected to punt the ball to the Lobos’ 9 yard line. The Lobos and Tigers then traded punts on their next drives. Midway through the third quarter, Polk sprinted for 30 yards to put the Lobos on the Tigers’ 30. Two minutes later, Ross scored a 7 yard touchdown on a keeper, putting the Lobos up, 28-0.

With two minutes left in the quarter, Pearson throws a 58 yard touchdown pass to Rhone for the Tigers first touchdown of the game. The Tigers finally got on the scoreboard, 28-7.

After receiving the ball, the Lobos made huge gains the hold up their lead. Lobos Tight end Jordan Wyatt caught a 20 yard pass to pull the Lobos to their own 45 by the end of the third quarter.

Once the fourth quarter started, the Lobos started gaining momentum. The Lobos were on the Tigers’ 31 after a 33 yard pass to Wyatt. Soon after, Ross rushed for 23 yard on a keeper to get the Lobos with 8 yards from the end zone. On the next play, running back Kendrevian White punches in another Lobos touchdown, piling the Lobos lead 35-7.

“Our intensity wasn’t as high as it was in the second half, so that had a big aspect on the game.” Tigers defensive end Jacorien Larry said.

The Tigers tried to claw their way back into the game, reaching to the Lobos’ 30. However, they turned over the ball on downs midway through the quarter. The TIgers defense forced a stop and the Lobos elected the punt, putting the Tigers at the Lobos’ 40.  With four minutes left in the game, Pearson founded Hunt in the end zone for a 34 yard touchdown, putting the score at 35-14.

The Lobos took time off the clock and eventually punted the ball with one minutes left in the game. The final score of the game was 35-14.

“It gives us a fire,” Larry said. “We don’t like losing so Marshall better be ready. We’re mad now.”