Tigers defeat the pirates


Photo by Kayleigh Moreland

Senior Zack Philips pitches against Pine Tree.

Story by Langley Leverett, staff writer

The Tigers storm the Pine Tree Pirates on March 22 at a home game in baseball, closing the game with a score of 7-2.

The Tigers are content with the night’s ending, despite wishes that the team remain concentrated during the game.  

“The game went down the road that I didn’t think it was going to go,” Phillips said. “We still came out with a win. We expected to to jump on earlier and get ahead and stay ahead.”

The team scored one run in the first inning, and proceeded to score three more runs in the third inning. Although the Tigers came out on top, team members admit that the team is increasingly more talented and superior than they performed.


“Hitting, we were a little slow out from the start, and hits started coming out later on.” Senior Colton Russell said. “Overall it was decent job, but we could’ve done better.”

Locked in a standstill, the Pirates and Tigers ended the fifth inning with a tied score of 1-1. Keeping stamina continues to stand as a priority for the Tigers.

“I feel like as a team we need to work on staying up the whole game instead of getting up and falling back,” Russell said. “We have a lot of confidence right now, I’m not worried about anything.”

The Tigers outmatch the Pirates furthermore by obtaining a run in the sixth and seventh inning by three points, while the opposing only gain two. Timing stands as the main factor that will ultimately aid them in winning.

“We have a lot to improve,” junior Coby Adkins said. “Like coming true in the key moments, getting runners on, and scoring early in the game.”

Although the Tigers defeated the Pirates, the importance of keeping a determined mindset and remaining focused is stressed.

“When you look up at our scoreboard, it doesn’t really do us justice,” Williams said. “Yeah we won, but we could’ve played a lot better. One, we came out thinking ‘alright yeah, we beat Hallsville,’ but now we have to keep on grinding, keep our foot on the gas and zoom by everybody that we play. Go Texas High.”