Dominating the diamond at first home game

Tigers open season with a win


Photo by Misty Morriss

Senior Zack Philips pitches the ball during the first home game against Sulphur Springs.

Story by Langley Leverett, staff writer

The Tigers began baseball season strong on March 15 by triumphantly gaining a 3-0 win against the Sulphur Springs Wildcats in their first home game. With optimism, they prepared to prove their superiority in the game through means of teamwork and collaboration.

“Last night, I think was a very good start to a great season ahead,” junior Colby Adkins said. “We have come together as a team and that’s the most important thing”

Both teams kept an even, difficult pace with each other for the first five innings, maintaining a score of 0-0. The Tigers continued to push through, despite the tension of remaining at a deadlock.

“When you look up at our scoreboard, it doesn’t really do us justice,” senior Kyrian Williams said. “Yeah we won, but we could’ve played a lot better.”

After the fifth inning, Cade Thompson obtained the first point for the Tigers, causing things to swing in favor of the Tigers.

“He got on with a base hit, and Kyrian Williams hit a double in the gap to score him,” Adkins said. “We finally found a way to pull away and score three runs in the sixth inning. Everyday is a grind, and we won’t stop. We have worked very hard to be in this situation.

Determination and perseverance allowed the Tigers to keep their winning score against the Wildcats. Senior JT Morgan scored the last remaining points.

“This [win] gives us motivation just like the other ones in the past,” senior Zack Phillips said. “We keep winning and we keep getting our confidence up. The future is going to be great.”

Although the game turned out to be an accomplishment, the need to remain tireless and persistent throughout the game prevails.

“I thought it went pretty good,” senior Colton Russell said. “We played a little relaxed after we came out on top, but overall we played a good game.”

Through thick and thin, team members stress the importance of having a deep bond among the group of players.

“We have a special team this year. We don’t really call it much a team, we call it a family. That’s what we want to get noticed as, not just as a team, but a family. All for one and one for all.”