Carthage crushes the Tigers

Story by Celeste Anderson, editor in chief

The boys’ varsity soccer team lost 5-2 to Carthage on Friday night.

Carthage quickly scored the first goal five minutes into the game. The Tigers held their grounds until 26 minutes left in the first half when Carthage scored its second goal.

The Tigers came back quickly, with Alejandro Gonzalez scoring the first goal for the Tigers with 18 minutes left in the first half. The Tigers regained their composure enough for Gonzalez to score another goal less than a minute later, tying the game.

The Bulldogs and Tigers went back and forth, both strong on defense until Carthage scored its third goal with 14 minutes left in the second half. The Tigers maintained their defense, but the Bulldogs managed to put a fourth goal in with seven minutes left in the game and their fifth with five minutes left, leaving the final score of the game 5-2.

The Tigers will face Marshall for the first district game on Friday at Grim stadium.