Pirates walk the plank

Tigers shutout pirates in a 44-0 victory


Photo by Caden Rainwater

Texas High’s Rian Cellars outruns the Pine Tree defensive backs on the way to a 79 yard touchdown reception. Cellars scored three touchdowns in the first half of the game Nov. 13, 2020.

Story by Braden McKinnon and Olivia Huckabee

The Texas Tigers faced off in a highly anticipated game. Many people assumed it would be a close game between two undefeated teams in the district. That was not the case. The Tigers won every battle on the field and came out with a 44-0 win over the Pine Tree Pirates.

Texas High started off the game with a strong defensive play. After quarterback Brayson McHenry’s touchdown pass to wide receiver Rian Cellars, the Tigers continued to eat away at the Pirate defense. After another McHenry touchdown to wide receiver Clayton Smith, the Tigers ended the first quarter 14-0.

“They lined up good for the pass or we threw it around the field really [well],” McHenry said. “We had a really good game plan, and we just executed it really well,” 

Junior quarterback Brayson McHenry prepares to pass to a receiver in the end zone at Tiger Stadium. McHenry threw for five touchdowns against the Pine Tree Pirates on Nov. 13, 2020. (Photo by Caden Rainwater)

In the second quarter, the Tigers started off with a 79 yard touchdown bomb to Cellars. After an Oscar Hernandez field goal, the Tigers continued to dominate in the second quarter, sneaking in a touchdown pass to Cellars to finish the half 31-0. 

“It’s probably the two best teams in the district facing off, and we showed them who the best team in the district is,” sophomore Don Hines said.

The Tigers went into the third quarter with a large lead and chewed clock scoring off of a Hernandez field goal and a forced fumble by Smith. This left the Tigers with a 41-0 lead at the conclusion of the third quarter.

“I think we did well. There are always things to work on, but we kept the defense tight and scored every chance we got,” Cellars said.

With the Tigers far ahead in the fourth quarter, they chewed away at the clock only scoring off of a Hernandez field goal. Leaving Tiger Stadium at Grim Park with a Tiger win 44-0.

“That’s what it’s going to be like the rest of this year, and we’ve got to continue to play with that type of intensity and focus,” head coach Gerry Stanford said.

The Tigers will face off against Jacksonville on Friday Nov. 20 at 7:30 p.m.