Lone Star outshines Texas

Tigers lose season opener

Story by Kailyn Williams, Sports Editor

The Texas High Tigers lost to the Lone Star Rangers 38-33 Aug 25, 2022. The loss puts the Tigers record at 0-1 going into the season. 

The Texas defense got off to a very slow start in the first quarter.

On the first drive of the game, senior quarterback Gabriel Barrientes for the Rangers threw the ball downfield to senior Arkansas commit Jaylon Braxton for a touchdown with 10:23 left in the quarter. 

Senior Texas quarterback Cody Reese was tackled, fumbling the ball. The fumble was recovered by Lone Star senior Evan Stein. 

Lone Star continued moving the ball well going into their second drive. Utilizing the speed and shiftiness of senior running back Gerald Harris, the Rangers fed him the ball on their second drive. 

Senior Donnie Grissom came up with a touchdown saving tackle. On the next play junior Collin Blackstock dove into the endzone for a touchdown. With a good kick from sophomore Bryson Jones, the Rangers took an early 14-0 lead. 

The Tigers came back with a long drive of their own. 

“You have two choices here, you can quit or fight,” head football coach Gerry Stanford said. “You can battle or you can take it, and we decided not to take it.” 

Two penalties, unnecessary roughness and a pass interference, on the Rangers moved the Tigers downfield fast.

Junior Trystan Powell had a short run, stopped at the one yard line, then converted the next play to a touchdown. 

At the end of the first quarter, the Tigers trailed 14-7. 

The Rangers QB went down with a knee injury to start the second quarter, a flag was thrown on the play, senior Brandon Childs was called for a facemask. 

Texas was called for multiple penalties throughout the quarter, Harris continued converting first downs for the Rangers. 

The Tigers forced a fumble, recovered by senior Makyron Whitaker for Texas with ten minutes left to go in the half. 

The Rangers got a quick three and out on defense, forcing a punt from the Tigers.

A sack by the Tiger’s junior Kenneth Merriman and an illegal block in the back penalty for Lone Star’s Jaylon Braxton, the Rangers were forced to try a 28 yard field goal. The kick was good by Jones, putting Lone Star up 17-7.

Senior Shitez Wilkerson came up with a big interception for Texas with 2:59 left on the clock, the ball was spotted on the 24 yard line. 

Reese threw a 22 yard pass downfield, putting the Tigers at first and goal. Reese ran a touchdown with 2:41 left in the half.

Blackstone completed a touchdown pass to senior Chris Viveros, dragging out the Ranger’s lead at half to 24-14. 

Going into the third quarter, the Tigers positioned themselves for sophomore kicker Fransisco Perez to kick a good 26 yard field goal, cutting the deficit to 24-17.

The Texas defense forced the Rangers to punt after three plays with 5:50 left in the third.

Reese threw a 33 yard pass downfield, completed to senior Xavier Daingerfield. 

After a pass interference on the Rangers, senior Trent Kelley hsd two runs combined for 30 yards. Reese threw to Kelley for a touchdown, but the pass was broken up by Ranger defender senior Bruce MItchell. 

Perez kicked a field goal, making the score 24-20. 

Senior Jaiden Burnett returned the next kickoff for a touchdown for the Rangers, making the score at the end of the third 31-20. 

To start the fourth quarter, Reese was sacked for a five yard loss on their fourth down. 

Harris had a 21 yard run for the Rangers, then Blackstone threw a 36 yard touchdown pass to Burnett, making the score 38-20. 

The Tigers responded with a 51 yard touchdown pass to junior TJ Gray, bringing the score back to 38-27.

The Tiger defense had another quick three and out, getting a big stop against the Rangers.

Freshman Tadarian Ball caught a 24 yard touchdown pass for Texas, the Tigers went for the two-point conversion but couldn’t convert. 

The Tigers came up with another big defensive stop. 

On their last drive, Reese was dropped in the backfield for a seven yard loss. Reese then completed two passes to Gray and Daingerfield, bringing their yardage to fourth and one. Junior Evan Holman was called for a false start, pushing them back five yards, and the Tigers could not convert.

The Rangers took the game 38-33. 

“ The biggest thing is working on the little things,” Stanford said. “The ability to play through adversity and want to fight for it.”

The Tigers will face Colleyville Heritage at home Sept 2, 2022.