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Ricky Cooks
Ricky Cooks is a junior at Texas High School, and a first-year staff member of publications. His hobbies include reading, eating, watching Netflix, and being better than just about everyone else. He is president of the junior class and vice president of the Texas Association of Student Councils. He’s played just about every sport, and was horrible at every single one of them. However, contrary to popular belief, Ricky is a pretty good swimmer (recreationally). His aspirations are to go to the University of Texas, major in biology, and actually reach his daily FitBit goal. He’s thankful for the positive things in his life, such as his fast metabolism. If all else fails, Ricky hopes to become a speed-eating world-champion. Hit him up on snapchat if you’re real, but you’re probably not.

Ricky Cooks, Staff writer

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Ricky Cooks