Helping others through surgery

Donating organs saves the lives of many people


Photo by Victoria Van

Story by Joseph Asher, staff writer

A long list of names. Names of people who are nearing death, their only hope is in the millions of people in the world, people who have the very thing that will allow them to continue the journey of life. People on the transplant list are unable to heal themselves, and their only chance at life is from the organs of those who no longer can use them or don’t need them.

It’s an opportunity to give someone the gift of life— something that is priceless. Yet, there are numerous names that remain on that list because so many people choose not to donate their organs, and there organs just go to waste.

Some people might view organ donation as damaging to the body, or wish to keep the body intact for the viewings at funerals. But that isn’t true. When the surgeons remove the organs, the outward appearance of an individual isn’t affected.

Everyday more and more people are added to the list, an increasing number that also coincides with the several people who die waiting on that list. An endless cycle, seemingly, but the one solution is the millions of viable organs in the world.

It would be a waste to just bury someone full of usable organs and not donate them to help give another person those organs they need in order to survive and allow the body to function.

Organ donation can also allow the donor to feel a sense of worth and meaning if nothing else. As they are leaving their mark on the world by helping continuing the life of another individual.

It’s understandable that some people fear the removal of organs from their loved ones, but it’ll do more harm to leave them to the stages of the deterioration progress. The many organs of the body could instead be used to save the lives of up to 9 people, just from the using the organs from one person. An incredible number of lives that could live on.

In the end, organ donation isn’t something to fear but something that should be a normality. It not only saves the lives of people but it also spreads good all around. Families can have more moments to cherish with loved ones, people get to live their life longer and overall it makes people good.