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Brotherly love

Brotherly love

October 10, 2019

Sophomore Faith Bellamy sits on the high, uncomfortable stool, working on the biology homework on her desk. She checks the time on her phone, then places it facedown on the table, revealing the sticker on the case.  The sticker that shows a dog and cat hugging with a caption that reads “I love y...

Sophomore Logan Diggs prepares to dive into the pool. Diggs uses swim to find his own identity apart from siblings.

Raising the bar

October 12, 2018

Growing up with two older brothers, I, like most baby brothers and sisters, have always looked up to my siblings. Also, like most other siblings, competition has always played a huge role in our household. Whenever I was young, I went to numerous swim meets and school events watching my brothers acc...

A life lives on

A life lives on

November 21, 2017

Singing was something they’d always done. As they grew older, singing became more enjoyable and gained more of a sentimental value. Rick Goad, the biological father of senior Brennon Cope and sophomore Alex Cope, passed away early in their childhood from pancreatic cancer in 2007. Rick Goad was...

Senior Eric Sutton (left) and sophomore Chris Sutton (right) pose for a photo together. The brothers play together on the varsity football team this year.

Brothers who start together stay together

November 2, 2016

The Friday night lights illuminate the stadium. The crowd's deafening cheers vibrate throughout your ears. The Texas stereotype of living and breathing football is proved true, with many reserving every Friday night for this very reason. The crowd came to watch. The players came to play, but two players h...

Double dribble

Double dribble

December 16, 2014

Different moves. Different shots. Different girls. Same DNA. Sophomores Tiffanie and Stephanie OKrereke share a bond on and off the basketball court as identical twins. "If something weird happens in the game and she's on the other side of the court, we'll make eye contact," Tiffanie said. "I just...

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