Brothers who start together stay together


Photo by Emily Meinzer

Senior Eric Sutton (left) and sophomore Chris Sutton (right) pose for a photo together. The brothers play together on the varsity football team this year.

Story by Madison Brown, staff writer

The Friday night lights illuminate the stadium. The crowd’s deafening cheers vibrate throughout your ears. The Texas stereotype of living and breathing football is proved true, with many reserving every Friday night for this very reason. The crowd came to watch. The players came to play, but two players have an even better reason to spend their Friday nights on the field.

Senior Eric Sutton and sophomore Chris Sutton have spent many years together developing their relationship as brothers. This year they get to stand side-by-side on the football field, having both made the varsity team. This is a game that they’ve played many times together at home and bonded over with their family throughout the years. This season is the first time that these brothers are able to play to achieve a real goal: making it to State.

Eric, who has been on the varsity team for two years, has created many memories on the field. A large amount of his time is spent practicing, competing and developing relationships with his teammates. Chris, a newcomer to the team, has yet to develop these strong friendships with the team. Luckily he has his older brother to help him become comfortable around the team.

“Eric has been a real help for me this year with forming friendships on the team, especially with the upperclassman that I don’t know very well,” Chris said. “I know a good amount of the team since some are in my class or have been to my house because of Eric, but the ones I don’t know as well, Eric has introduced me.”

Playing together allows them to strengthen their bond, not only as brothers, but as friends, and allowed them to learn how to trust each other on the field in order to allow them to become the best players they can be.

“Chris and I have a really strong bond as brothers, and I sometimes feel a little pressure to be a good example for him,” Eric said. “Since it’s my last year on the team, I really want to help him find a love for the game and this team, just like I have these last couple of years.”

Being teammates in general is unexplored territory. Nevertheless, it’s a territory that is deeply appreciated.

“It’s fun and exciting to be able to experience this with your brother, because it feels more real and personal than just playing together at home.” Chris said. “We know that we can only do it one time in our life, so we want to make the best of this experience.”

Off the field Eric and Chris are just like ordinary brothers who have each others backs. They have a fun, easygoing and trusting relationship that not all siblings are able to discover at this age.

“At home we fuss at each other about cleaning our room, typical brother stuff,” Eric said. “We pick at each other, play pranks on each other, it’s all we do at home; just prank each other and have fun.”

When you have a strong relationship as brothers, you might sometimes feel a little pressure. This is the case regarding Eric. As the oldest sibling, Eric has the task of being a good example for his little brother. He often tries to push himself to do his best, hoping that Chris will follow suit. This task transfers over once he gets on the field.

“It makes you want to be better because you know he’s somewhat looking up to you when you’re out there,”  Eric said.

Although the season isn’t over, these brothers could agree that this has been their best season yet. Chris and Eric have created new memories that they will cherish and remember forever.

“These couple of memories that I’ve had with Chris have been some of my favorites. When he scored his first touchdown I was pretty excited for him,”  Eric said. “It’s his sophomore year so that’s pretty good for him. I love him a lot and he means the world to me, especially since he’s my little brother. ”