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Mayowa Onare writes his name on the white board in his classroom. Despite Onares full name, he goes by Abraham.

Say my name

Story by Peyton Sims, editor in chief April 8, 2021

Ota Ibayomi Sugbon Oluwa Mayowa Abraham Onare. These seven words are not the mere jumbling of letters that many perceive them as. They represent a culture. They’re an identity. They’re a name. While...

Across the campus, many teachers found their passion while sitting in the same desks that their students sit in now.

From teens to teachers

Story by Stephanie Jumper, feature editor January 13, 2021

Four long, grueling years of memorizing textbooks cover to cover, navigating social settings and tirelessly clawing at the top class rank. All for a printed sheet of paper allowing young adults to move...

English teacher Jordan High poses in her new classroom. High began her teaching career this August alongside being a Radio DJ, dance teacher, an author and a mother.

Let’s begin

Story by Zoe Rushing, staff writer November 11, 2020

A teacher waits anxiously for the school bell to announce the beginning of the new day. Minutes race by as she finishes the final preparations for her classroom. As she finishes preparing, the bell rings...

Debbie Nicholas sits in front of her most recent painting shes been working on. Numerous other pieces of art are displayed throughout ARTS on Broad.

The art of retirement

Story by Cate Rounds, Editor in Chief July 12, 2020
After teaching for 37 years, with 20 of those years being at Texas High, art teacher Debbie Nicholas has retired. While some would take this time to settle down and take things slow, Nicholas packed up her paint brushes and jumped forth on a new project. The former art teacher took her skills and used them to open her own art gallery, ARTS on Broad, located in downtown Texarkana.
Students are required to have passes in order to go to a teachers classroom before school. This requirement limits accessibility to teachers for those students who needs help on assignments  before school. Administrators encourage students to think ahead and obtain a pass for those classes they have trouble in.

No note, more problems

Story by Addison Cross, news editor October 2, 2018

Students often find it hard to make time to get help in classes they struggle with, so many attempt to find help from teachers before school. However, only with a note from a teacher may a student access...

Algebra 2 teacher Nicole Ayers teaches a lesson. Ayers has been part of the tiger family for three years and will now teach at St. James.

Leaving lasting expressions

Story by Jenna Wiliamson, staff writer May 21, 2018

She was a light in the lives of many students. An icon and loved one, who will now be leaving our tiger family to find a new home. STEM Pre-AP Algebra 2 teacher, Nicole Ayers, has just released the...

Government teacher John P. Littman talks to seniors Addison Rogers, Sarah Stark and Logan Snell at the hospital. Littman experienced a stroke a month ago, and later received the news that he now has stage four cancer. Submitted photo

Be careful out there

Story by Eleanor Schroeder, editor in chief April 9, 2018

There are teachers who follow a guideline. They teach the curriculum and only the curriculum. And then, there are teachers like John P. Littmann, who open their students' eyes to other perspectives. They...

Isnt your dad Mr. Kyles?

‘Isn’t your dad Mr. Kyles?’

Story by Molly Kyles, staff writer October 17, 2017

Cheery faces in the hallway wave hello and classmates make easy conversation, blissfully unaware of my secret identity. It haunts me, changing the way I act, hoping, praying I won’t be discovered. Thinking...

Queen of the greenhouse

Queen of the greenhouse

Story by Tyler Snell, print co-editor-in-chief March 9, 2016

“Class how do you think our crawfish are doing?” she asks. “Are we going on a field trip Mrs. Frizzle?” a student inquires. “Why yes class we are,” Mrs. Frizzle replies. “To the bus.” The...

Senior Shaleigh Chandler spots one of her students as she prepares to do a back handspring. Chandler plans to become a physical therapist.

Senior Spotlight- Shaleigh Chandler

Story by Tyler Snell, print co-editor-in-chief February 2, 2016

She completes practice, showers and dons her gym outfit. The young, eager faces hang on her every word on how to properly perform a dismount. After saying goodbye to the last of the aspiring gymnasts,...

Amy Baker-Kireev teaches her students about biology.

Q&A with Mrs. Kireev

Story by Abby Hill, public relations editor November 19, 2015

Amy Baker-Kireev has been a part of the Tiger family for many years now. After graduating from Texas High, she went to New Mexico Tech to study biology and then ended up back in TISD teaching. Q. When...

Teacher Trent Hanna sets example for students by living a healthy lifestyle.

Theater director keeps 36-year-old promise

Story by Amanda Hackleman, managing editor February 4, 2015

When he was 6 years old, technical theater director Trent Hanna made a special promise to himself. Throughout his life he has managed to maintain this promise. A promise to abstain. To stay pure and untouched....

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