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Staff member of Texas High earns award of excellence


Photo by Macy Maynard

Senior Drew Hooper dissects a cow eye with the assistance of science teacher Amy Baker. Baker has received recognition for being an outstanding teacher, teaching numerous science-based classes.

Story by Anna Lee, Staff Writer

Being classified as one of the bigger schools in East Texas, Texas High is known for its excellence in academics and wide variety of course options and career paths offered. However, none of this would be possible without a committed and dedicated staff. 

Recently, TISD has seen a teacher reach the tier of excellence, receiving recognition at a high degree in her respective position across a national level.

Science teacher Amy Baker has been on staff for 14 years at Texas High and received an accolade. Baker earned a National Board Certification through hard work in a vigorous program.

Baker attended New Mexico Tech, earning a Bachelors of Biology in 2007 and later a Masters of Biology in 2009. Throughout her time here at Texas High, Baker has taught multiple different courses, along with assuming the role of a professor at Texarkana College. 

Baker started off her teaching career here at Texas High in 2009, teaching both Pre-AP and regular Biology I. She now teaches Anatomy and Physiology, Biology II DC and AP Biology II, carrying a very different and more advanced course load than she did at the beginning of her teaching years in high school.

I love what I do. It’s such a great feeling [to] see the lightbulb come on when a person understands something with which they struggled.”

— Amy Baker

“I love what I do,” Baker said. “It’s such a great feeling [to] see the lightbulb come on when a person understands something with which they struggled.”

Baker’s National Board Certification requires serious dedication and commitment due to the tedious process to receive such an accolade. According to the National Board for professional teaching standards website, “National Board Certification is the most respected professional certification available in education and provides numerous benefits to teachers, students and schools.” 

Being a National Board Certified teacher has a great impact on students,” Principal Patti O’bannon said. “This program has taught Mrs.Baker how to effectively plan and analyze student learning on a deeper level.”

Benefits from this certificate include a stipend of $1,500-10,000 paid directly by the federal government, meaning it does not affect the TISD budget for teachers’ salaries. Baker now also automatically qualifies for the Recognized Distinction award from the Texas Education Agency. 

“Biology is not only my favorite academic subject but also one of my favorite interests in general,” Baker said. “I enjoy working with people, including teenagers and helping them understand difficult concepts.”