Meet your new adviser

Queen Vaughn takes over reign in room 50B


Photo by Truth Dukes

Sara Vaughn is eager to see how she can help grow Texas High publications.

Story by Macy Maynard, Editor-In-Chief

With many things going back to normal this 2023 school year at Texas High, things in room 50B look a little different for the students. With previous publications adviser Rebecca Potter leaving TISD, a former student took over Potter’s reign at Texas High. 

Sara Vaughn, former Texas High School student, is back in her alma mater, teaching what she loves: publications. She was a photographer, as well as video editor when she was a student here at Texas High back in 2016. Her roots run deep at Texas High. 

“Vaughn had come through the program, so she was very familiar with our process. So, I didn’t have any worries,” photography teacher Clint Smith said.

This job had been mentioned before, but Vaughn didn’t know where she stood about the change. 

“Smith and Potter made me aware the position would be available at some point two or three years ago, and I was unsure at first, but now I’m living the dream,” Vaughn said.

She is very excited among many other emotions for the upcoming school year in her new position.

One thing I’m looking forward to is building relationships with the kids.”

— Sara Vaughn

“I was terrified [in reference to the incoming year]. When you come into a position where the previous adviser was loved so much, it’s hard to step in and be the new guy,” Vaughn said. 

She plans to put her priorities first, one being her students.

 “One thing I’m looking forward to is building relationships with the kids,” Vaughn said. 

This new position opening was a surprise to most of the students and staff, but for Vaughn it has been a long time coming. She has set goals for her program and is eager to reach them. 

“I really want to keep this program operating at the same caliber,” Vaughn said. “They’ve won so many awards for both newspaper and yearbook, and that’s something I want to continue.”

Having many expectations this year looks hopeful for the students’ success. 

“This is the first year I would say it’s normal,” Smith said. “I’m excited for us as a program to get back to doing the things we used to do because COVID interfered with that in past years.”

This year holds many great opportunities and many achievements in store for the students involved in publications. With Vaughn’s help, the students’ work can match that of the past in success and make this year one to remember.