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Senior joins cheer team to become mascot

Maggie Coleman

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Senior mascot Chandler Thomas poses with mascot costume, showing off her double life

It’s more than just a suit. It’s more than Friday night football games. It’s definitely more than just Texas High. Trochia is the face of our school. She gives life to our school spirit and uses her power as mascot to put smiles on faces across Texarkana.

Senior Chandler Thomas has rightfully earned the title of mascot for the year. It’s proven to be a source of entertainment so far and gives her a break from the rigorous classes she took.

“It’s pretty fun,” Thomas said. “I get to mess with little kids which is great because I love little kids. I get to be with my friends because they’re all on the cheer team. It’s really relaxed and a lot of fun. I’m really glad I decided to do this my last year of high school because it’s fun and no stress at all.”

Being Trochia has been a rewarding extracurricular activity for Thomas. It’s more than just being silly and having a good time for yourself.

“My favorite part of being Trochia is walking on the sidelines,” Thomas said. “And then somebody taps you and says ‘hey this little kid wants to talk to you’. You turn around and get on your knees, hug them, and maybe give them a high five. It’s really great to be able to put a smile on their face.”

Trochia has recently received a facelift to some extent as the school purchased a brand new suit. She even has a new friend named Titus the Tiger who remains as her sidekick.

“The new mascot suit is so awesome,” Thomas said. “Titus even has abs. There’s also a fan in the head. It’s really thin and not as hot as the old one. I haven’t actually been able to turn the fan on though because we don’t have the right battery.”

Although Texas High has alumni that have chosen to become mascot at the University of Arkansas, Thomas has decided that it’s not in her path for the future.

“I don’t plan to take my mascot career to college,” Thomas said. “It’s pretty hot, and I suffocate a lot. So, I don’t plan on suffocating in college.”