Math teacher finds solace in occupation

Story by Ahja Cherry, staff writer

With countless papers to be graded for both her high school and college classes, and her children shuffled to their numerous extracurriculars, math teacher Rhonda Johnson has her hands full. Being the parent of three can have it’s challenges and teaching is also a time consuming field, but somehow she makes it work.

New at Texas High this year, Johnson teaches algebra II and other maths, including classes at Texarkana College. She didn’t dream of being a teacher as a child. Only knowing that she enjoyed math, Johnson stumbled on to the teaching profession and found out where she fits.

“I didn’t go to college to be a teacher. I entered college as an accounting major, but tax law helped me decide that I’m not meant to be an accountant,” Johnson said. “Then I didn’t know what I wanted to do. The only classes I really enjoyed were math, so I started taking more math. Eventually, I started researching the teaching field and decided that this is where I belonged.”

Her teaching experience allowed her to find the best style of teaching for the classes she teaches.

“This is my 20th year teaching. I taught 15 years at Liberty Eylau and one year at Fouke before coming to Texas High,” Johnson said. “I have tried many different teaching methods over the years, but students have been more successful when I explain the math and the thought processes behind it.”

It’s not all teaching all the time. Johnson enjoys other things other than being an educator.

“I read a lot on breaks, and in the summer, I also sew,” Johnson said. “I had an internet site where I sold tote bags I made. I don’t do that anymore because I didn’t have time. My family also is very involved in church and sports.”

With math being the prime reason why she found teaching, Johnson has found other reasons to be an educator.

“I teach because I believe students are our future,” Johnson said. “They will make the decisions to shape the world, and by being an educator, I can have a hand in shaping the future.”