Identical twins

Life with another you


Lourdes Quijas

The Matteson twins share many things beyond looks: classes, interests and admiration for each other are among the many things they have in common.

Story by Lourdes Quijas, Staff Writer

Twins: they’re not a common sight. Many are interested when they see them out and about. A pair seen all around campus is the Matteson twins. Seniors Thompson and Worth Matteson have been seen at every home football game, all throughout the school and even in the same teachers’ classrooms.

Worth and Thompson are identical twins. Same hair color, same eye color, same everything. Even teachers and their own friends get them mixed up.

“It’s hard to pull tricks on the parents,” Worth Matteson said. “Anybody else we can, but not the parents.”

In movies, twins can act the same, talk the same and do everything the same. They are even able to pull off the feat of confusing the people that know you best. In reality, they actually cannot. The Matteson twins dress differently and act completely different. Worth is quiet, wears shorts and Birkenstocks and a middle part. Thompson is more energized, wears boots and jeans and his hair is not parted. What they do have in common is love and respect for one another.

“Worth is just overall a great guy,” Thompson said. “He’s good at pushing me [to be] the best I can be because sometimes I slip up, but [he’s] always fun to have around.”

Worth always makes sure Thompson is on track with school work, his job, the gym and so much more. As it’s their senior year, they’ll push each other a lot harder towards graduation.

“Thompson does everything 100%,” Worth said. “It’s never 50%. It’s never anything less than 100.”

Worth always looks after his twin and best friend, making sure Thompson works until he is fully capable of doing anything he wants to do, which is an easy job due to Thompson’s work ethic. As Thompson works hard every day, Worth supports him with everything he does.

“It’s so much better than having classes without them because it’s like another me,” Worth said.

The twins’ schedules align as well. They sit together in all their classes, work in groups with each other and so much more. They have planned out their senior year together and hope to go to the same college to get their degrees. With their lives planned out, the twins hope to spend the rest of it together with their future families and each other.

While the twins continue their high school careers, both of them spend as much time together as they can just in case they ever split apart.

“We will be financially free at a very young age and will always keep in touch no matter what happens,” Worth said.