Alabama doesn’t deserve shot in BCS championship


Photo by unknown

Story by Taylor Potter, Staff Writer

The BCS National Championship is always an intense competition between the two most deserving teams in college football. Except for this year.

This year’s game features the LSU Tigers and the Alabama Crimson Tide, who have already played in the regular season. The regular season contest ended in a 9-6 overtime victory for the Tigers.

Without a doubt, the Tigers deserve to be in the game. They have been ranked at the top spot for the majority of the year, dominated opponents week after week and have defeated multiple top five teams.

The other championship berth has been one of the most heavily disputed stories in college football history. The main contenders at the season’s end were the Alabama Crimson Tide and the Oklahoma State University Cowboys. The Cowboys also blew a close game to Iowa State, which many attribute to the disaster that struck the school early in the week. Even though they beat a heavily talented Oklahoma Sooner squad at the end of the season, they were shafted to the Tostito’s Fiesta Bowl.

While I have no doubt that Alabama is the second-best team in the nation, they do not deserve the berth. Oklahoma State has defeated more top-25 and top-15 team than any other team in the nation, save for LSU. Their only loss occurred after a time of hardship. That’s their excuse. Alabama’s? They were outplayed.

Despite Alabama being undeserving of the berth, the game is sure to be thrilling. The game is on Monday at 7 p.m.

If LSU wins, they are the definite national champions. If the Alabama wins, then they’re just tide.