Real housewives of New England


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Story by Taylor Potter, Staff Writer

With the conclusion of the Super Bowl arises the Super Bowl drama.

We all grimaced at the atrocious drops made repeatedly by the New England Patriot receivers. Most of us can agree that most of the passes should have been caught and that the game would have been much different if Tom Brady had some help in the passing game. However bad the receivers’ performance was, it did not merit a “tweet” from Tom Brady’s wife ridiculing the receivers and blaming the loss solely on them.

While Gisele Bundchen, Brady’s wife, has a right to have an opinion, she shouldn’t publicly ridicule her husband’s coworkers. She should have realized that her comments would put both her husband and herself in an undesirable situation. Now the two must face a media onslaught and hope that the comment doesn’t affect their professional reputations.

Brandon Jacobs, a running back for the champion New York Giants, was exactly right to tell Gisele to “shut up.” Gisele had no reason to get involved. If the media and fans had started to blame Brady, then yes, she should have defended him. However, the media and fans had nothing bad to say about Tom Brady, except for the one interception. Brady played an excellent game and handled himself in a professional manner.

The rest of Jacob’s comment may have been unnecessarily harsh, but he got the message across. She should have kept her mouth shut. Her husband wouldn’t post something negative about her clothing designers or fellow models after a bad show, since he knows that modeling is not his place. Football is not Gisele’s.

This is not a sexist piece saying women should not be involved in “man sports.” I simply believe that if you are in the public eye, you should not go around bashing people for making mistakes. Especially if they are your husband’s teammates and ultimately decide whether or not he has a good year.

To be honest, the receivers will probably continue to be prolific and lead the sport in multiple categories, as they do every year. NFL players are professionals, especially those that play for Patriot organization. They will undoubtedly shake this comment off when it’s game time.

But in the near future it probably will cause some problems. The receivers will question Brady’s loyalty to the team and question whose side he’s on.

With the team already having a bad morale standing with the loss, Gisele’s comment just made the team hit an ultimate rock bottom.