The kick that fits

Why people prefer one brand over the other?


Graphic by Victoria Van

Story by Logan Diggs, staff writer

Nike and Adidas have been competitors since what feels like the beginning of time. Both brands have proved to be worth every penny in the quality and durability they’re made with. Billions of people all across the world wear clothing that appeals to the masses of where they’re at. In fact, Adidas seems to rule Europe, as it is the main athletic brand for professional soccer players, while Nike has sports associations like the NFL and NBA covered, making it the dominant athletic brand in the U.S.

So here’s the main question: Why? Why do people prefer one over the other? Haven’t both brands proven to be equally great in different ways? These brands, being most popular among teens, led me to give a survey to 100 random students at Texas High. The survey asked which they liked more and why.

“I’m a defensive lineman on the football team, and I like to wear sweats but still feel loose and free to stretch my legs,” sophomore Christian Surratt said. “However, I hate sweat stains, so I prefer Adidas because their material is so soft and comfortable.”

The survey came out way closer than expected: 48 people chose Adidas, and 52 chose Nike. Although Nike was checked more, most responses explaining their reasoning came from people who chose Adidas.

“I picked Nike, because I like their motto, ‘Just do it.’ I’ll be honest, I do think Adidas looks better style wise,” sophomore Evan Crawford said. “But whenever it comes to me playing soccer, I like Nike more because growing up, my friends and I always liked the saying ‘Just do it’ because that’s just how we went about the obstacles we faced in practice daily.”

In today’s fashion, bandwagoning is looked down upon by many. A lot of the results from the survey show that people like Adidas just because of the Colin Kaepernick commercial that Nike released a while back.

“I don’t think people should have reacted as wild as they did to the commercial Nike released. It has a positive message, and I know I can’t speak for everyone, but it hasn’t changed my stance on wearing Nike,” freshman Ethan Power said.

Although I didn’t give people the option to remain neutral, some people left their ideas on the survey.   

“Both brands are amazing — I just like seeing people argue over which is better,” senior Jett Wolf said. “I personally like Adidas because it is way more stylish. But it’s honestly very interesting to see why someone [would] prefer one over another.”