The future of fashion

What trends to expect for the upcoming spring season


Graphic by Margaret Debenport

Story by Margaret Debenport, opinion editor

Models strut down the runway, making history as they debut the fashions of the future. Like most things in high fashion that simply don’t make sense, collections that debut in the fall are meant to be worn in the spring, and vice versa. This leaves time for fast fashion brands to mimic the trends set on the runway and make them available for the masses. With that being said, here are the most notable similarities between collections that have debuted in the fall, which you can expect to see Instagram influencers wearing as soon as spring hits. 

Puffed sleeve moments
On nearly every leading fashion house’s runway walked a dramatic puff sleeve moment. Ranging from shoulders that extended nearly into wings to a simple added puff, elevated sleeves seemed to be the greatest take away from this year’s runways. On dresses at Simone Rocha, the sleeves had a guest in the form of embroidery. At Versace, even trench coats got in on the action. At Marc Jacobs, ‘sleeves’ became carefully constructed architecture that took residence on model’s shoulders. In a practical form, puffed sleeves are simple to style when they are either created out of a simple fabric and paired with a statement pant or earring. If the sleeves themselves are statement enough, keeping jewelry and accessories simple is the best approach to keeping on trend. 

Foiled plans
It seems as though sequins have taken a backseat to this year’s shiny fabric of choice, which gives off a foil-like shimmer in every color of the rainbow. From blouses to maxi dresses, this new era of shine will bring a new, exciting disco ball effect to your life, without the constant discomfort of individual sequins scratching at your skin. To style this shiny new trend, on the runway designers have kept makeup, hair and accessories as simple as possible, letting the statement piece speak for itself, which it does very loudly. 

Vests with zest
Maybe it was Timothee Chalamet’s Louis Vuitton look to the 2019 Golden Globes that inspired every designer to give their take on vests for spring 2020, or maybe it was just the fact that they look really, really cool when styled right. Whether it’s a suit vest or a sweater vest, when paired with a blazer or simply a button up this trend gives your outfit a hint of edge and sophistication. Pro tip: pair a puffed sleeve and intricate collar with a sweater vest for the coolest look in the room.

Pants…with a flare
Get ready to disco… or at least look like it with a great pair of flared pants. Whether you’re pairing them with a blazer, T-shirt or blouse, flared pants add a wonderful splash of excitement to any outfit. For an occasion that calls for fancier attire, dressed up flares paired with exciting accessories make a wonderful alternative to a dress. At Rosie Assoulin, patterned flares needed no added accessorizing. At Louis Vuitton, flares added the perfect touch to complete an outfit. 

Like a glowstick
I’m sorry if you thought the neon trend was over, because it looks like it is going to be sticking around for another season. On the Versace runway, greens and oranges dominated the color pallete, and Stella McCartney did not shy away from high-impact colors. Keep those bright shades freshly available as they will be in high demand as temperatures warm up. 

Birds of a feather
The feathers that don the runways are a far cry away from being similar to those fun feather boas you wore as a kid to dress up parties. When designed tastefully, feathers don’t appear anywhere close to the picture of Big Bird you currently have running in your mind. On this Marchesa gown, the feathers complete the dress with an essence of class added to it. For this Valentino mini, feathers create a soft, ethereal effect that feels exciting in comparison to other designs this year. At Richard Quinn, this masterpiece of a dress wouldn’t be as jaw-dropping as it is without the feathers encircling the neckline.