If the crown fits

Senior Katherine Doan takes Miss THS title

Matt Francis

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Savannah Pritchard

Senior Katherine Doan receiving her crown from Principal Brad Bailey.

This year’s Miss THS pageant was held on April 18. 12 girls competed for the honor to be called 2014-2015 Miss THS.

The pageant included some new changes because this was the first year it was run by cheer.

“I think we did pretty good since it was our first year to run it,” sophomore Marley Crawford said. “It was a really fun experience and turned out great.”

One thing the pageant brought back was the Mr. THS competition to raise funds for prom. The audience “judged” this by putting money in the buckets of the contestant that they wanted to win. The title was won by senior Garrett McDonald.

“It was a really neat experience,” McDonald said. “It was our first year doing it. We’ve had prom king but nothing really like this. It was nice to know that the audience liked me.”

The Miss Congeniality award, voted by the participants, was won by senior Caroline Parks.

“I thought the pageant was really fun,” Parks said. “It was kind of a last minute thing but I’m glad I did it.”

After careful deliberation, senior Katherine Doan was crowned Miss THS.

“I was honestly in total shock,” Doan said. “I was thrilled to win and totally honored, but I never thought winning was a possibility when I signed up.”

Doan also enjoyed being a competitor in the pageant and getting to know the other 11 girls.
“My favorite thing about the pageant was getting to meet and spend time with such a unique group of girls,” Doan said. “They are all so awesome and that’s what made the pageant so fun.”