The longest four years of my life 

My experience in publications 


Photo by Brooke Knight

Story by Logan Diggs, Managing editor

As many know, one’s junior year survives as the most important year when setting one’s future up for what they will do after high school. However, who someone is during high school is mostly determined by what they do during their freshman year. My reasoning for this belief is due to the fact that what a person is involved in during high school molds their personality. So, I took a look back on my time at publications and realized how unappreciative I had been for the lessons it taught me. 

Freshman year, I came here ignorant of what I wanted to do during my time here besides swim. I decided to take a Journalism 1 class to fill in a hole in my choice sheet; however, I wish I knew that was the beginning of a journey I will forever be grateful for.

During my time in this class, I learned a bit about writing outside a student’s mandatory English courses and became a top 100 PUB-G player in the state of Texas all from my classroom seat.   

Sophomore year, after enduring a nerve-racking interview to be a part of the newspaper, I was thankfully accepted. My first year in the newspaper caused me to become a sponge to information about journalism, and I also decided to pick up Audio and Video Production. 

The editors in chiefs my sophomore year were driven to not only have a newspaper but also maintain a status within the country only few can obtain. With that being said, all staff writers including myself were forced to be quick learners.

Junior year, being the most difficult year for me, was honestly the most beneficial looking back. Stepping into leadership positions not only in swim as the new team captain, but also in publications by becoming a news editor taught me many valuable lessons I probably wouldn’t have learned if not for the newspaper.    

Senior year, I can happily look back and be completely satisfied with what I chose to do with my time here in publications. I could talk on and on about the endless memories I share with my advisers in publications along with my peers; however, I’d rather illustrate why I am so truly thankful for the past four years of being involved in newspapers. 

This year I was promoted to being Managing editor — which was a surprise to me in all honesty. To sum up, journalism teaches so much more besides how to tell stories. Through the leadership positions I’ve held here, I have learned how best to truly communicate and work with others. 

Heading into the future, I believe that everything I have learned through these two classes has not only made me capable of putting my feelings into words but also strengthened the work ethic within me. And above all, it taught me to never give up when times get tough.