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Anna Grace Jones
Anna Grace Jones is a sophomore and a first year newspaper staff writer. When she isn’t stress crying, talking or hyena laughing at the stupidest of jokes, you can find her panicking over assignments or attempting to further her social life. She holds the renowned office of sophomore class secretary, but unfortunately, she doesn’t quite know what that means. Ms. Jones suffers a serious addiction to sweet tea, specifically from McAlister’s; however, previous interventions have made no difference in regards to this obsession. Her plans for the future are still to be determined and will be based on the amount of money she can convince people to give her to further her education. Other hobbies include “Living the Dream at Holiday Springs”, watching paint dry, and saying the word iconic. Excitement and anxiety are perfect adjectives for this young lady’s emotions about the upcoming year, but she truly does hope it will be one for the books, iconic to say the least. [email protected]

Anna Grace Jones, staff writer

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Anna Grace Jones