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Braden McKinnon
Braden McKinnon is a first-year staffer in his sophomore year of high school. Braden enjoys pushing himself in school by taking college level classes. He loves playing soccer in his free time and through school. He has been playing soccer since he was young and wishes he could never stop. He is a big movie watcher and loves hanging out with his friends. Braden lives in a boring neighborhood and no one his age lives near him. That’s why when it comes to school he is ecstatic to go and be able to see his friends and more kids his age. He is looking forward to getting quotes from athletes and coaches, updating the student body on sports events, and getting the scoop on all sports related topics. Check out our printed newspaper every nine weeks or the online newspaper to see Braden’s work.

Braden McKinnon, staff writer

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Braden McKinnon